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Back online!

I've been away since the middle of june but now I'm now back online.
I will reply to all emails I've received in this period as soon as I can.


Posted by Martin Sved�n 2005-09-17

New member

Brecht Deschoenmaeker has joined the project. Welcome !

Posted by Martin Sved�n 2004-11-19

New members

A while ago Enver Haase joined the team and today Michiel joined. Welcome!

Posted by Martin Sved�n 2004-10-08

New team member

Davy De Schrijver has joined the project. Welcome Davy!

Posted by Martin Sved�n 2004-09-23

MPEG2 I-Frame support

MPEG2 I-Frame support is now implemented. There is still a lot to do with it but from the next release the workaround with a JPEG is not needed anymore, XleTView reads and displays real I-Frames.

Posted by Martin Sved�n 2004-08-12

Updated the manual for 0.3.6

The new stuff is the section about the remote control settings.

Posted by Martin Sved�n 2004-06-27

Updating of manual etc...

...will be made in the next few days. Sorry about the delay, for now use the manual for 0.3.5, most stuff are the same.

Posted by Martin Sved�n 2004-06-07

0.3.6 Released

New release out.

It includes implementations of HText, HIcon, HAnimation, HStaticAnimation, HAnimateLook, HGraphicButton, HTextButton HSinglelineEntryLook, HSinglelineEntry + more

The status of the implementation in this release can be found at http://xletview.sourceforge.net/status-0.3.6.html

Posted by Martin Sved�n 2004-06-07

Mikael Ostberg joins the project

Another nighthawk that runs on coffein and challenging problems.

Posted by Martin Sved�n 2004-06-04

Customizable Remote Control

Yesterday I remade the remote control to be customizable from XML. With the new one you can easily set the look-and-feel and add buttons for generating key events for any key code.

Posted by Martin Sved�n 2004-06-03

status list of the implementation

I put together a list of the implementation status, you can find it here: http://xletview.sourceforge.net/status.html

My idea is to have one list for the current release and one for the nextcoming. That way it's easy to see what should work now and to follow the progress of the project.

Mind that this one now is an overview of what's implemented for the next release. The source is not in CVS yet, have to do some cleanup before and I will not find time for that until later this week, maybe next. Anyway, it's a preview.... read more

Posted by Martin Sved�n 2004-06-01

New team member

Since a couple of days we have a new team member, K Bateman. Welcome to the team Kirk!

Posted by Martin Sved�n 2004-04-23

List of implemented classes

...is added to the homepage. Not really all classes are there yet but it will be updated continously. Thanks Cristian for spending some of you precious time on this.

Posted by Martin Sved�n 2004-03-23

Website update

Cristian fixed so that the news submitted on the project page now appears also on the home page.

Posted by Martin Sved�n 2004-03-22

0.3.5 released

This release contains bugfixes and new implementations of TVTimer, DVBBufferedImage and DVBGraphics.

Posted by Martin Sved�n 2004-03-17

Christian Kberl joins the project

Welcome Christian!

Posted by Martin Sved�n 2004-03-04

Website is online

I finally put together a website. Had an a bit more ambitious one going but I realized that it was better to keep it simple. Read more about the project there.

Posted by Martin Sved�n 2004-02-26

0.3.4 Released

Quite a few improvements since last version.

Posted by Martin Sved�n 2004-02-24

Fred Grott joins the project

Fred is from today a member of the XleTView project. Welcome Fred!

Posted by Martin Sved�n 2003-11-13

Cristian Suazo joins the project

Cristian is a senior web developer and his role will be to build and manage the project's web site. Welcome chico!

Posted by Martin Sved�n 2003-10-31

Per Bjork joins the project

Per is an MHP developer that has helped me a lot with ideas and testing and has been a user since day one. Welcome Per!

Posted by Martin Sved�n 2003-10-30

org.dvb.net.rc by Bengt Skogvall

Bengt Skogvall made an implementation of the package org.dvb.net.rc that can be downloaded as a separate zip for those who don't want to wait for the next release.

Posted by Martin Sved�n 2003-10-15

Xample - New release package

A package that will be used to release test/example code. First out is the code for a simple Xlet.

Posted by Martin Sved�n 2003-09-01

0.3.3 Released

- fixed so HStaticText draws it's background
- fixed bug in focus mechanism
- fixed bug in key event mechanism

Posted by Martin Sved�n 2003-09-01

0.3.2 Released

The org.dvb.event package has been implemented and tested briefly. A couple of feature requests has been implemented and some bugs have been fixed.

Posted by Martin Sved�n 2003-08-25

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