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Version 1.1 available

The first stable release is here! Some changes and new features include:

Added support for multiple extensions (like .ps.gz). Fixed bug that caused the preferences for various toggle buttons to be saved even though the users pressed Cancel. Improved Preference handling, added more preferences. New auto-update feature makes sure XLaunch-O-Matic is always up to date.

Since there actually is a lot of new stuff in here there might be some bugs that crept in but hopefully there should be no really bad ones.

Posted by Daniel Aarno 2003-08-24

New release scheduled

Well I finally got around to fixing some issues with XL (only took an hour or two when I actually got around to it... should have done it before).

The mayor change is that XL now supports multiple extensions so that i can finally distinguish between say, .ps.gz and .gz. This is a breeze for all of us using gv to view zipped postscript files.

Also the UI have been updated and error handling somewhat improved. I still need more bug/crash reports to know if there is anything else that needs fixing though.

Posted by Daniel Aarno 2003-07-06

New version 1.0b2 is available!

A new beta is now available for download. There have been some bug-fixes made to this release and the GUI have been somewhat updated. Hopefully this release is not far from a going stable. Please send in any bugs if you encounter them. In particular the TableViews now work as they should in the Preferences.

Version info
Fixed display bug with mime-type mapping and environment
settings. Added a some status indicators. Made it possible to specify the location of X11.app and the mime-type and environment files.

Posted by Daniel Aarno 2003-03-19

New version 1.0b is available!

A new beta is now available for download. This is a complete rewrite of the sources so the stability may not be that much better then previous versions, however the speed increase and new features make up for this. I urge everyone to get this release as soon as possible and send feedback regarding features and (possibly) bugs

New features in XLaunch-O-Matic include automatic launch of X11 and more standard mime-types, also speed have been greatly improved because of the removal of Java code from the project. Also a bug that prevented deletion of files opened with XLaunch-O-Matic until XLaunch-O-Matic was quit have been squashed.

Posted by Daniel Aarno 2003-02-28

Objective-C version now on CVS

A new entry have been made in the CVS repository. The "feature-complete" Objective-C sources have been uploaded to the new 'XLaunch-O-Matic' branch of the CVS tree. What now remains before v1.0.0 is to clean the sources and build the application.

Posted by Daniel Aarno 2003-02-20

New release is near

The next release of XLaunch-O-Matic is near. The sources will be uploaded to the CVS server before Feb. 23. A binary and source BETA-release will probably follow sometime during the following week. New features in XLaunch-O-Matic include automatic launch of X11 and more standard mime-types. XLaunch-O-Matic is currently "feature-complete" which means that all features supposed to be in the full release have been written and tested. This leaves about a week or two putting it all together and testing before a release can be made.

Posted by Daniel Aarno 2003-02-19

BETA is available

The first release of XLaunch-O-Matic released under the MIT License is now available. It includes numerous bug-fixes and added features since the first ALPHA version of XL.

Posted by Daniel Aarno 2002-12-01

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