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BootStrap / Dialog 1.2.1

An update to the dialog and bootstrap libraries was released that resolves issues with JDK 1.6_12.

The Validatable interface of the dialog api was updated to not conflict with the existing Component.isValid method

Posted by Deane Richan 2009-02-14

Xito AppManager 1.0 Released

The Xito Application Manager is a simple to use Network Application Manager which is designed to bring network based Java Applications and content to the masses. The User Interface is designed for consumer users with functionality making it easy to launch and access Protected Java Content over the internet.

You can Download the 1.0 Release of Xito Application Manager From Xito Sourceforge Downloads ... read more

Posted by Deane Richan 2006-02-28

Xito App Manager Beta 1 Released

The Beta 1 Release of Xito App Manager has been posted.

Posted by Deane Richan 2005-08-17

Xito BootStrap 0.9.3 Released

An updated version of Xito BootStrap has been released this release includes several bug fixes along with updated security dialogs and improvements to booting services over the network.

Posted by Deane Richan 2005-07-13

Xito AppManager 0.8.5 Released

A new version of Xito AppManager for launching Java Applications and Applets has been released

Posted by Deane Richan 2005-07-11

Xito BootStrap 0.9.2 (Beta 2) Released

The Beta 2 version of the Xito BootStrap was released today. Xito BootStrap provides a platform foundation to boot your Java Application over a network providing instant updates and availability to your users across the net.

Posted by Deane Richan 2005-06-27

Xito AppManager 0.8.1 Released

Xito AppManager 0.8.1 marks a noted improvement in the execution of JNLP based applications. Several JNLP Service have now been enabled and the Download includes several JNLP examples to demonstrate its ability to launch this internet based java applications.

Posted by Deane Richan 2005-05-23

Xito App Manager Alpha Released

The Alpha Version of the new Xito Application Manager has been Released. Xito Application manager Provides a new way for end users to interact with Java Content over the internet in an easy to use simple user interface. See the http://xito.sourceforge.net Project page for more information.

Posted by Deane Richan 2005-05-18

BootStrap 0.8.0 Released

The latest version of BootStrap has been released. This release makes major improvements in the Security Manager and Cache Manager. Also a new Xito WhitePaper was written to help explain the Xito Project and BootStrap

Posted by Deane Richan 2005-03-05

POD Java Desktop 0.6.5 Released

We just released POD 0.6.5. Improvements include:

- Ability to have any JNLP application launch as a boot or startup service
- New Error Handling and details error dialog
- New Splash Screen Service
- You can now drag Tear-Off Menu Items to the Desktop
- Ability to Run POD from the Network

If you haven't tried POD yet this might be the one to take a look at. One very impressive aspect is how it can launch multiple applications in the same VM. For example I launched 10 copies of JNLP SwingSet in around 94 megs of RAM. Using WebStart this would have taken over 600 meg.... read more

Posted by Deane Richan 2003-10-14

POD 0.5.1 Released

The latest version of POD (Portable Object Desktop) has been released. This project replaces the deprecated OCD Project on sourceforge.

The new release includes a new and improved native windows launcher, bug fixes, and Desktop Tear Off Menus.

Posted by Deane Richan 2003-06-13

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