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Xiss lib file 1.2.2

API change: FileHelper.recurseDelete(File) and FileHelper.recurseCopy(File, File) return a boolean.

Posted by Gleam 2012-01-11

Xiss web 1.7.5 released

Adds file management fonctionnalities on file tree view of the GUI and updates GUI's look'n feel.
Fixes few bugs.

Posted by Gleam 2012-01-11

Xiss lib file 1.2.1 released

Adds in API a method to test if a directory is empty.

Posted by Gleam 2011-11-07

Xiss prefs 1.1.3

Adds divider position management for JSplitPane

Posted by Gleam 2011-09-30

Xiss web 1.7.1 released

Fixes 3 bugs
Adds file dependencies managagement to optimize files generation
Sets examples up to date

Posted by Gleam 2011-09-29

Xiss prefs 1.1.2 Released

Fixes a bug introduced in version 1.1.1

Posted by Gleam 2011-09-20

Xiss file 1.2 released

API change

Posted by Gleam 2011-09-16

Xiss worker 2.0 realesed

API change to enable more possibilities for abstract or generic extensions.

Posted by Gleam 2011-09-02

Xiss lib prefs 1.1.1 realesed

Enhancement of multi-screen location management.

Posted by Gleam 2011-08-29

Xiss web 1.7.0 released

File Filtering in file tree view and Editing text file.

Posted by Gleam 2011-03-08

Xiss web 1.3.8 released

Adding vertical scroll animation for slide show transition

Posted by Gleam 2011-01-21

Xiss web 1.6.7 released

End user animation control: comment and metadata display, animation speed.

Posted by Gleam 2011-01-13

Xiss web 1.6.6 released

A new kind of animation : superimposed fade

Posted by Gleam 2010-11-17

Xiss web 1.6.5 released

Adding a scroll animation transition

Posted by Gleam 2010-10-19

Xiss file 1.1.3 released

Bug fix copyFileToDir

Posted by Gleam 2010-10-06

Xiss web 1.6.3

Patches for the features of animation and Google Maps.

Posted by Gleam 2010-09-24

Xiss web 1.6.2

Patch for Xiss web 1.6.1

Posted by Gleam 2010-09-20

Xiss web 1.6.1 released

Patch for Xiss web 1.6

Posted by Gleam 2010-09-18

Xiss web 1.6 released

Xiss web 1.6.0 introduces slide show animation with javascript : animation of image transitions.

Posted by Gleam 2010-09-17

Xiss File 1.1.2 released

Library File is released ! Add in API file deletion in a directory

Posted by Gleam 2010-07-21

Xiss web 1.5.0P2 patch for 1.5.0

Patch: problem during the slideshow build process.

Posted by Gleam 2010-06-01

Xiss web 1.5.0P1 patch for 1.5.0

Bug fix: Transparency lost of thumbnail markers for Google Maps features.

Posted by Gleam 2010-05-31

Xiss web 1.5.0 released

14 bugs fixed and following enhancement: more slideshow look and feel possibilities, customization of display image location on map, addition of menus and short cuts in GUI.

Posted by Gleam 2010-05-28

Xiss web 1.3.6 released

New functionality : HTML code in image comment and slideshow description
Two more examples
Some bugs fixed

Posted by Gleam 2010-03-20

Xiss web 1.3.5 released

- Display of the localisation of one image with Google maps from its presentation page.
- Update some skins to take into account the new link on page to display image location on map (xissweb, wissweb1.0 and xissweb1.0_sphere)

Posted by Gleam 2010-01-08

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