hetas - 2012-02-13


Debian Wheezy 64 bit, NVidia GT220, recent xine-lib-1.2 from source control and recent vdr-sxfe from source control.

Is there any configuration options in xine config or any other way of making vdr-sxfe honor video card calibration?

I have calibrated my display and video card with using a colorimeter. I used DispcalGUI to create the calibration and profile and I also let it load the profile at login.

Calibration actually affects the video card LUT so all applications should be affected not only color managed ones.

But vdr-sxfe colors remain unchanged. I tested with xine-ui and vdpau and there colors are affected. Also XBMC with vdpau is affected by the calibration.

Is there configuration whitch could affect this behaviour? Or is there somethig in code that needs to be changed?