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Xinco DMS 3.00.00 M7 Released!

Due to issues out of my control, validation has been postponed by my client until further notice. Meanwhile I'm releasing M7 with minor enhancements. Work on M8 will start ASAP in order to migrate to Vaadin 7.X.

Posted by Anonymous 2014-02-14

Xinco DMS 3.00.00 M6 Released!

The latest Milestone release is out! This had several bug fixed identified during validation protocol dry run. This is the code that will undergo validation pretty soon and should turn into 3.00.00. This Milestone marks a code freeze for this release. See release notes for details.

Posted by Anonymous 2012-12-24

Xinco 3.00.00 M5 Released!

This are major bug fixes identified during validation dry runs. Basically created users were stored into the database with the raw password provided making following login attempts fail. See release notes for details.

Posted by Anonymous 2012-07-20

Xinco 3.00.00 M4 Released!

This should be the version going into validation for the next release. Besides fixing a bug on Xinco 3.00.00 M3 (that's why it was never officially released) it adds a lot of automation to the life cycle of the application:

1) Projects are compiled and tested on our Hudson implementation:
2) Hudson is capable of releasing versions which include updating the demo system, publishing files to

Posted by Anonymous 2012-02-02

Xinco 2.00.10 Released!

This should be the final release previous to the 2.01.xx series. All work will be focused on the new release.

Posted by Anonymous 2011-02-28

xinco DMS 2.00.10 RC3 released!

Minor changes (mostly in the build.xml file). Nothing functional. This is the validation candidate for release.

Posted by Anonymous 2010-12-03

xinco DMS 2.00.10 RC2 released!

Posted by Anonymous 2010-11-22

xinco DMS 2.01.00 M2 released!

This is the first release to the public of 2.01.00 Milestones. This is to be considered alpha quality code. Keep in mind that milestone releases as well as release candidates are not production ready. The only purpose of this type of releases is to get feedback and bug reports from users.

2.01.00 has some major changes:

1) Web service migration from Axis 1 to JAX-WS (the end point for the time being is <http://<server name or ip>:<port>/xinco/Xinco... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2010-10-02

xinco DMS 2.00.09 Final released!

After 3 weeks of extensive validation and bug fixes, Blue Cubs is happy to announce that Xinco 2.00.09 Final is released! With this update the following issues were fixed:

Issue # 2927211:

Issue # 2994751:

Issue # 2997801: read more

Posted by Anonymous 2010-09-22

xinco DMS 2.00.09 RC2 released!

Posted by Anonymous 2010-09-15

xinco DMS 2.00.09 RC1 released!

Posted by Anonymous 2010-09-11

Re-released 2.00.08

It was still showing alpha version. Nothing else was changed. Please re-download and re-install if the Alpha displayed bothers you.

Posted by Anonymous 2010-08-11

xinco DMS 2.00.08 Final released!

Posted by Anonymous 2010-08-08

xinco DMS 2.00.07 Final released!

No issues or problems reported/found in over a week. Releasing final version!

Posted by Anonymous 2010-04-22

xinco DMS 2.00.07 RC5 released!

Almost ready for release. Hopefully this is the final RC as it only incorporates feature enhancements.

Posted by Anonymous 2010-04-14

xinco DMS 2.00.07 RC4 re-released!

I'm re-releasing RC4 as behavior is reported that I don't see when running from environment. Maybe the package was not up to date.

Posted by Anonymous 2010-04-11

xinco DMS 2.00.07 RC4 released!

Some dialogs were not initialized properly if used more than once on the same session. Hopefully the last RC.

Posted by Anonymous 2010-03-29

xinco DMS 2.00.07 RC3 released!

Some dialogs were reported as shown twice. This should be fixed on this release. It should be ready for promotion to final release unless someone notices something I haven't yet.

Posted by Anonymous 2010-03-28

xinco DMS 2.00.07 RC2 released!

This is a minor fix for RC1 that had a dialog in an infinite loop. Waiting for feedback before promoting to final release.

Posted by Anonymous 2010-03-27

xinco DMS 2.00.07 RC1 released!

Fixed some bugs reported after the latest upgrade (sorry). This time releasing as a Release Candidate for verification.

Posted by Anonymous 2010-03-24

xinco DMS 2.00.06 released!

This is a minor bug fix release but has one potential issue in the Xinco Explorer. See the two issue details here:

I strongly suggest anyone to upgrade. Specially if you are using 2.00.05 as I believe the bug was introduced there. Just to make sure follow the steps to reproduce in the above issues in your system.

Posted by Anonymous 2010-03-23

xinco DMS 2.00.03 released!

The latest version of xinco DMS, the web-service-based Document Management System introduces significant performance enhancements in areas like full-text indexing and massive data imports.

Also it comes with new localizations. The product now is available in: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Simplified Chinese.

Posted by Alexander Manes 2008-03-15

Joint effort introduces major improvments to xinco DMS 2.0

In a recent joint project of the xinco DMS core development team and Baxter Healthcare, Puerto Rico, xinco DMS 2.0 received major improvements including FDA 21 CFR/11 compliance, complete internationalization of all backend services and a major re-design of its client application XincoExplorer.
New localizations include Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese, joining the existing localizations of English and German.

Posted by Alexander Manes 2007-02-25

xinco DMS 1.11.00 available in 3 more languages!

xinco DMS™, the powerful Web-Service based Information and Document Management System (DMS) now comes with 3 additional languages - it is now localized into English, German, French, Dutch, Polish and Czech.

The client application XincoExplorer has received additional features that simplify access rights management, e.g. by inheriting permissions from parent folders.

The backend administration interface XincoAdmin has gained support for editing data type attributes and maintain a list of languages to describe multi-language data stored inside the xinco DMS repository.... read more

Posted by Alexander Manes 2006-05-20

New: xinco InstantDMS Professional

xinco DMS, the web-service-based Document and Information Management System (DMS) released version 1.10.00 and introduces the distribution "xinco InstantDMS Professional".
"xinco InstantDMS Professional" bundles PostgreSQL, Apache Tomcat and xinco DMS in one Windows-Installer for quick and easy production quality installation on Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 Server.
This distribution will also feature Upgrade-Installer-Packs of future versions...... read more

Posted by Alexander Manes 2006-02-01

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