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XFwall version 1.4-43 for Backtrack 5 (Debian 6) is released!

XFwall 1.4-43 binary package for Backtrack 5 (Debian 6) Linux.

Posted by Edinaldo La-Roque 2013-09-14

XFwall now is upgraded to 1.4.-43

XFwall firewall software now runs on Ubuntu 10.04 and has undergone source code update.

Posted by Edinaldo La-Roque 2011-10-24

Now, XFwall version 1.4-41 is available!

XFwall 1.4-41 has undergone many improvements: underlying Linux distro detection, improved iptables rules creation, many bug fixes, build system was greatly enhanced, internationalization, open source logo screen, SVN repository, embedded sample configurations, etc.

Posted by Edinaldo La-Roque 2007-01-02

XFwall 1.4-37st is finally available!

XFwall has been improved in many aspects: build system, multi distro support, internationalization, open source logo screen, SVN version, etc.

Posted by Edinaldo La-Roque 2006-10-18

XFwall source code now in SVN repository

Now, the latest version of XFwall can be obtained from the SourceForge SVN repository, too.

This is being started with the XFwall version 1.4-36st (beta) and some new features are:

  • Linux distro detection

  • The same binaries will run on many Linux distros.

  • Compilation was tested with Debian 3.1, CentOS 4.2, Slackware 10.2, and Conectiva 10.

  • Internationalization support was added and the software now can recognize english and brazilian portuguese languages.... read more

Posted by Edinaldo La-Roque 2006-09-16

The Spanish version of the XFwall Manual is now available

Besides the English and French version, XFwall Manual has the Spanish version, as well.

Posted by Edinaldo La-Roque 2006-09-15

XFwall French Manual is released!

Now, XFwall has the French version of its manual.

Two formats are available for download:

Portable Document Format (.pdf):

OpenOffice Writer 2.0 (.odt):

Posted by Edinaldo La-Roque 2006-08-17

XFwall for Debian finally available!

XFwall binary package (.deb) as well as source code (.tar.gz) for Debian 3.1 (Sarge) were finally released.

Now, Debian community can also enjoy XFwall - Firewall Software for Linux.

X11/KDE (800x600) must be running to better profit from this software.

Posted by Edinaldo La-Roque 2006-01-16

XFwall manual is now available for download!

The XFwall manual (partial) is now released for download. Please, be aware that this is a work in progress.

Two formats are available for download:

Portable Document Format (.pdf):

OpenOffice Writer 2.0 Beta (.odt):

Posted by Edinaldo La-Roque 2005-06-28

New XFwall Firewall ver 1.3-15st now has a Status Monitor

XFwall 1.3-15st now has a new feature: A Command Status Monitor Window.

It optionally shows up whenever you Run, Rebuild or Stop the firewall showing what is going on behind the scenes for debugging purposes.

The ideia is to have a way to know what is happening in the background when XFwall issues a command line to the bash prompt.

Posted by Edinaldo La-Roque 2004-09-14

XFwall version 1.2-01st is Released!

XFwall now runs on Fedora Core 2 and RedHat 9.0 and it was updated for QT Library 3.1/3.2 and shapecfg-2.2.12-13 (cbq.init v0.7.1).

Now, its source code has an enhanced build system and the binary rpm package is 75% smaller!


Posted by Edinaldo La-Roque 2004-08-24

A Mature Professional KDE Linux Firewall Is Released!

After some years of improvements, XFwall is finally released under GNU/GPL.

The software is a mature professional IPtables firewall solution for gateway machines running Linux. It is better suited for KDE enviroment.

A very basic tutorial (for dial connection) can be found at http://www.starlinux.com.br/tutorial_01_english/

Main features include:

  • WYSIWYG approach
  • IP/Port redirection
  • Bandwidth Control
  • Customizable rules modules
  • Blacklist
  • Optional profile based firewall configuration
  • Full configuration backup control
  • MySQL firewall logging facility
Posted by Edinaldo La-Roque 2004-07-27

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