#158 Toolbar positions not saved


Hi, I'm using Xfe 1.32.5 built as a package on Slackware 13.37 and using FOX 1.6.44. Everything is fine execept that tool bar positions are not saved. The actual tool bars selected are saved but not their positions so that each time I start Xfe I have to manually move the "Tools" toolbar to where I want it. I have "Auto save layout" selected in General Preferences but this doesn't fix the problem. I've had this problem in previous versions of Xfe and it's just annoying to have to manually readjust the layout each time. Xfe is the only file manager I use and I've been using it for years. All things considered I find it much more comfortable to use than the big bloated sluggish overdone file managers.


  • Roland Baudin

    Roland Baudin - 2012-04-20


    this is not a bug but a lack of functionality : in Xfe, it is not possible to retain the toolbar positions. Xfe uses the FOX toolkit and this is not easy to implement this feature under FOX. While feasible, it requires a lot of code modifications to implement a somewhat minor function.
    Sorry for the inconvenience,

  • simon1tan

    simon1tan - 2014-08-14

    Would be nice to see fixed to save some screen real estate.

  • Midas

    Midas - 2014-10-24

    Would be nice to at least have the standard lock/unlock toolbars option. As a workaround to avoid the ordeal of tweaking the FOX toolkit, how about providing a "Custom Toolbar" that could be populated at will with the items from the other toolbars (which could then be kept hidden)?


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