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Xface Toolkit 1.0

Version 1.0 is finally out. This is going to be a long lasting stable release hopefully. There are no crucial bugs and features left in our list.

Posted by Koray Balci 2008-01-25

Xface Toolkit v0.98

Apart from bug fixes, with this version you have the ability to use high level MPEG-4 FAP values (for visemes and expressions) only to control the MPEG-4 facial animation mode. We used to support only low level FAP values to drive the animation.

Posted by Koray Balci 2007-11-07

ACM Multimedia 2007

Xface has been the finalist for Open Source Software competition in this year's ACM Multimedia conference! We will have a demo and a presentation in the conference. Here is the conference website:

Posted by Koray Balci 2007-09-25

Xface Version 0.96

Xface Toolkit version 0.96 is released.

Posted by Koray Balci 2007-09-25

Toolkit Release 0.94

A new release from Xface project is ready. Apart from numerous bug fixes and little enhancements, new SMIL-Agent processor supports external wav/pho file pairs. This enables people to use Xface with recorded speech, without the need of TTS engine.

Posted by Koray Balci 2006-12-15

0.81 Experimental Version

This is an experimental release that incorporates keyframe based animation blending speech and emotion morph targets and demonstrates use of simple SMIL-Agent scripts.

Posted by Koray Balci 2005-08-03

Subversion for source control

As of today, we moved all the source control to our new Subversion server in our institute (http://tcc.itc.it). We still plan to update the Sourceforge CVS repository for some time, however it won't be so frequent. For a daily snapshot of Xface please connect to http://xfacesvn.itc.it/svn using a client of Subversion. You can also browse the repository using your web browser from the same address.... read more

Posted by Koray Balci 2004-08-18

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