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Xen / News: Recent posts

The Xen project has moved to !

The sourceforge web site is no longer maintained -- please visit for all your Xen needs.

Posted by Ian Pratt 2007-12-05

Xen 2.0 Officially Released!

The Xen team are pleased to announce the release of Xen 2.0, the
open-source Virtual Machine Monitor. Xen enables you to run
multiple operating systems images concurrently on the same
hardware, securely partitioning the resources of the machine
between them. Xen uses a technique called 'para-virtualization'
to achieve very low performance overhead -- typically just a few
percent relative to native. This new release provides kernel
support for Linux 2.4.27/2.6.9 and NetBSD, with FreeBSD and Plan9
to follow in the next few weeks.... read more

Posted by Ian Pratt 2004-11-05

Xen 2.0-beta

Please download from the xen-2.0.bk repo at and test. See the project homepage and developers' mailing list for more info.

Posted by Mark Williamson 2004-08-28

Xen 1.0 (stable) released

Xen is a virtual machine monitor for x86, which lets you run multiple
operating system images at the same time on the same PC hardware, with
unprecedented levels of performance and resource isolation. Even under
the most demanding workloads the performance overhead is just a few
percent: considerably less than alternatives such as VMware
Workstation and User Mode Linux. This makes Xen ideal for use in
providing secure virtual hosting, or even just for running multiple
OSes on a desktop machine. Home page: read more

Posted by Ian Pratt 2003-10-01