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Version 0.7.12 is now available

Scanner speed increased. DOS compiler version tested.

Posted by Vasiliy Tereshkov 2010-06-16

Version 0.7.11 is now available

READCHAR, WRITECHAR moved from the compiler to the system library and renamed. TRUNC bug fixed. Compiler memory leaks eliminated.

Posted by Vasiliy Tereshkov 2010-06-12

Version 0.7.10 is now available

Forward type reference checking fixed. FOR loop counter values evaluation fixed. Constant division checking added.

Posted by Vasiliy Tereshkov 2010-06-10

Version 0.7.9 is now available

Type checking bugs fixed. Code and data size checking fixed. ORD, CHR, PRED, SUCC, TRUNC functions added. Single-pass compilation mode without optimization added (/n option).

Posted by Vasiliy Tereshkov 2010-06-06

Version 0.7.8 is now available

ReadLn procedure fixed.

Posted by Vasiliy Tereshkov 2010-06-04

Version 0.7.7 is now available

Unary minus bug fixed. Samples updated.

Posted by Vasiliy Tereshkov 2010-05-31

Version 0.7.6 is now available

Type checking and type casting bugs fixed. Structured variables (e.g. strings) assignment added. Function result assignment to the function identifier (ISO compliant) is now supported. Delphi-style comments added.

Posted by Vasiliy Tereshkov 2010-05-30

Version 0.7.5 is now available

Scanner bugs fixed. String parameter passing fixed. CASE statement syntax extended.

Posted by Vasiliy Tereshkov 2010-05-25

Version 0.7.4 is now available

Scanner completely rewritten. Real number I/O fixed. String manipulation routines (StrCopy, StrCat, StrLen, StrComp, Str, Val, IStr, IVal) added.

Posted by Vasiliy Tereshkov 2010-05-23

Version 0.7.3 is now available

Some scanner bugs fixed. SQR function added.

Posted by Vasiliy Tereshkov 2010-05-16

Version 0.7.2 is now available

XD Pascal compiler v. 0.7.2. now supports CONST parameters. Parameter and function result types should be type identifiers only.

Posted by Vasiliy Tereshkov 2010-05-13

Version 0.7.1 is now available

XD Pascal compiler version 0.7.1 is now available. It supports Write, WriteLn, Read, ReadLn procedures in their standard form, except for field width specifiers.

Posted by Vasiliy Tereshkov 2010-05-11