#112 xchat aqua close random irc channels


I use tiger 10.4.4 with xchat aqua 0.15.0,when i close the client, some irc
channels close accidentally.Also with the 0.14.0 version the same
problem!it could a bug and I have thought to send the signalling.


  • eLod

    eLod - 2006-03-25

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    hi, a bit new to osx (osx 10.4.5, xchat aqua 0.15.2), but i have the same
    problem. i use irssi-proxies to connect to a few ircnet (and a bnc also).
    everything goes fine till i quit from xchat aqua and the proxy/bnc parts all of the
    channels except the very latest one (i first thought i maybe experience
    problems, because i have another xchat client from another host /my dekstop
    machine, ubuntu dapper/, but the thing is xchat aqua alone closes all of the
    channels, and if i join 2 new only the second will be there at next connection).
    the irssis and the bnc running on ubuntu boxes, so send me instructs if you
    want detailed report

  • Steve Green

    Steve Green - 2006-03-26

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    With 0.15.2, does it happen when you Apple-Q or when you close the window?

  • eLod

    eLod - 2006-03-27

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    hi, yeah, it's only when i close the window with the lil 'X' sign at the upper right
    corner, with apple-q it's working good. some further info is that i set up leaving
    msg-s for channels and that is displayed (so i guess somehow xchat aqua parts
    all chans /except of the very last one/ if u close it that way)

  • Thomas Seifert

    Thomas Seifert - 2006-07-15

    Logged In: YES

    Are there any news on this?
    I'm seeing the same problem when using a bouncer and this is
    really a pity as it makes the bouncer useless.

  • Steve Green

    Steve Green - 2006-08-31

    Logged In: YES

    This is a known issue. Use Apple-Q to quit rather than closing the window.


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