Note: this page contains user-contributed information about using xCAT. While these howtos contain some very useful information, they are not always updated for new versions of xCAT and therefore are, in some cases, out of date. Use the howtos with that in mind. See the [XCAT_Documentation] page for information that is tested and updated with each xCAT release (to the best of our ability).

Quick Starts

OS/Image Deployment

Here are notes for deploying specific operating systems. Most of them (Like RH5) are well documented. Please update this list as needed with notes for things you run into while installing newer or different operating systems.

Subsystem Deployment Notes

This page is to place documentation on installing common cluster deployment software, like Moab, Torque, Maui, GPFS, or other infrastructure software necessary for the admin get users running on the cluster.


User Management

Virtual Clusters

Advanced xCAT Notes

HPC Integration

Web Service API


Wiki: BootTarget
Wiki: Console
Wiki: Custom_Node_Installation
Wiki: Disable_node_to_node_root_passwordless_access
Wiki: Dynamic_server_provisioning_with_xCAT_and_TORQUE
Wiki: Fedora10kvm
Wiki: Firewall_ports
Wiki: Ganglia
Wiki: Getting_Started_with_xCAT2_2.4.2_on_SUSE_SLES_11.1
Wiki: Granting_Users_xCAT_privileges
Wiki: IB-stateless
Wiki: IBM_Blade_Center_HowTo
Wiki: ISCSI_RHEL5.3_using_xCAT_software_initiator
Wiki: ISCSI_Windows_using_xCAT_software_initiator
Wiki: Intro_to_xCAT_Tables
Wiki: Linux_AIX_mixed_cluster_configuration
Wiki: Main_Page
Wiki: Maui
Wiki: Moab_Adaptive_Computing
Wiki: Node_Discovery
Wiki: Partimage
Wiki: Routed_Networks_setup_with_DHCP
Wiki: SLES10.1
Wiki: SLES11.0
Wiki: Setting_Up_Mounted_User_Home_Directory
Wiki: Setting_up_the_IBM_HPC_Stack_in_an_xCAT_Cluster
Wiki: Setup_of_Web_Service_API
Wiki: Stateless_GPFS
Wiki: Updating_credentials_throughout_the_cluster
Wiki: Using_VirtualBox_Nodes
Wiki: XCAT_2.x_firmware,bios,cmos_flashing_Instructions
Wiki: XCAT_Documentation
Wiki: XCAT_REST_API_Development_Guideline
Wiki: XCAT_Virtualization_with_KVM
Wiki: XCAT_Virtualization_with_RHEV
Wiki: XCAT_Virtualization_with_VMWare
Wiki: XCAT_Windows
Wiki: XCAT_Xen
Wiki: XCAT_on_C-Series_Rack_mount_Servers
Wiki: XCAT_on_Cisco_UCS_B-Series_Blades
Wiki: XCAT_vSMP_Foundation

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