#6 XCA 0.9.0 for Mac OSX



Do you plan to release XCA 0.9.0 for Mac OSX (SL ..) or is it possible to use tar.gz archive on Mac OSX (how) ?

Kind Regards


  • Christian Hohnstaedt

    yes, it's planned, but I have no Mac.
    Cross-compiling resulted in a crashing app...

    To use the tar.gz, you need xcode, QT and some compiling/coding skills to fixup probable quirks.

  • MooCan

    MooCan - 2011-05-09


    So I have installed XCode and Qt 4.7.3 using macport and after using ./configure.mac I never have any xcodeproj as output.

    If you have any advice thanks in advance.

  • MooCan

    MooCan - 2011-05-10


    Many thanks for your answer and support.
    I have downloaded dmg file and tgz source file.

    ./configure say me that qmake and qt were not installed (seems it does not see qt macport installation) so I have installed Qt distribution from dmg file from official web site.

    I have followed instructions from install.mac and step by step built openssl-1.0.0d (seems successfully) then change permissions on *.dylib, download doc package to ./doc and then run ./configure $OPENSSLINSTALLDIR (without error only one warning for linuxdoc) and finaly run make -j5.

    I held my breath ... :)

    Here is my error :
    make: *** No rule to make target `/Users/suroot/Downloads/xca-23f6f24/misc/oids.txt', needed by `xca.app/Contents/Resources/oids.txt'. Stop.

    Kind Regards

  • Christian Hohnstaedt

    Sounds strange...
    Please send the full log to my mail address (can be found on http://xca.sf.net\)
    to discuss this in detail.


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