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tree view loose track

  • hakan

    hakan - 2007-05-31

    XCA 0.6.3 loose track of certificates signed by a CA.
    Sometimes/often in the tree view, the certificate chain from a CA certificate to certificates signed by this CA is lost.It can happen when switching from tree to plain view or when database is opened, my feeling is that it's random.
    The signed cert is shown outside the CA tree and in the detail view of the certificate the signed by field says signer unknown.
    As a sample. I have 1 CA cert and 2 certificates signed by this CA and when this happens one of the signed certificates is outside of the tree, if I then switch to plain view and back it's random which one of these 2 certificates is outside of the tree when doing this repeatly.
    A close and reopen of the database often solves this problem but not always.


    • Christian Hohnstaedt

      Will be fixed in the next release. (0.6.4)


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