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Version 6.1 important bug fixes

Version 6.1 has been released, making an important bug fix affecting methods that perform fact retrieval from the data store.

Posted by Geoffrey Shuetrim 2012-06-27

Version 6.0 released

Major change relates to move from data types for XML Schema namespaces and XLink roles to using Strings.

Posted by Geoffrey Shuetrim 2011-11-09

Version 5.4 has been released.

Note the change to the signature of the loader constructors. Note also the shift to TestNG instead of JUnit 3. Finally biggie for this release is the first version of the embedded eXist database module allowing the XBRLAPI to be run with the eXist database as part of the same application. Feedback on flaws, speed issues or new bugs is very welcome as always.

Posted by Geoffrey Shuetrim 2011-06-08


It has been a long-time-coming but the unit testing system has been bought up to scratch with migration from JUnit 3.8.1 to the latest version of TestNG. That should make the unit testing a lot faster. It has also required a fair bit of work on test fixtures to ensure that tests can be run in parallel without inadvertent interactions, especially with the persistent data stores.

Posted by Geoffrey Shuetrim 2011-06-03

New data store for eXist in embedded mode

Work has begun on getting the eXist data store implementation up to speed. Many thanks to Roland Oldenburg for the bump and the great suggestions. A key part of the upgrade is the introduction of a new eXist data store implementation that is set up to use eXist in embedded mode. This should be simpler to configure and have better performance, at least in some circumstances.

Posted by Geoffrey Shuetrim 2011-06-02

Version 5.3 released.

The 5.3 file release has finally gone live. It includes extensive improvements to the API, including a complete rewrite of the org.xbrlapi.aspects package. It also include a jump forward to the eXist 1.4 database from version 1.2.6. The improvements are substantial.
The new release also includes a small number of bug-fixes so upgrading to the new release is recommended.

Posted by Geoffrey Shuetrim 2010-11-05

5.2 File release

Version 5.2 makes some significant improvements to fragmentation of XML Schemas, allowing for more intelligent analysis of data type derivations. It also includes new support for fraction item types. The treatment of aspects has also been overhauled, with a new location aspect being introduced and with a new level of consistency in treatment of missing aspect values being achieved.

Posted by Geoffrey Shuetrim 2009-11-03

Version 5.0 released

Version 5.0 of the XBRLAPI has been released. It is not backward compatible. The XBRLAPI now uses XQuery 1.0 rather than XPath 1.0 for database querying. It also provides mature XLink relationship persistence to significantly enhance performance. The range of examples has also been extended. Support for the Xindice data store has been dropped because of the lack of support for XQuery in Xindice.

Posted by Geoffrey Shuetrim 2009-07-28

4.0 File release

A new file release has been issued. It involves some small but inportant backward compatibility issues relating to the new usage of rather than wherever possible. This change has been driven by the need for improved conformance with various URI schemes. The new release also involves a range of significant performance improvements, especially in relation to network analysis.

Posted by Geoffrey Shuetrim 2009-01-06

3.4 file release

The Jar files were not created properly for the 3.3 file release, resulting in the examples not working as described. This has been corrected by this 3.4 file release.

The 3.4 file release also adds aspects to the XDT support, allowing aspect models to be created from XDT dimensions.

Posted by Geoffrey Shuetrim 2008-12-10

3.3 Point Release including 2 new packages

A 3.3 file release has been issued for all packages, including two new ones: one for a pair of quite detailed examples and one for some experimental XBRL Dimensions support. Both new packages are not mandatory downloads.

The new release of the XBRLAPI has some minor backward incompatibilities relating to the org.xbrlapi.Unit interface and relating to the operation of the methods to retrieve root nodes of networks.... read more

Posted by Geoffrey Shuetrim 2008-11-24

New package to simplify analysis of facts

A new package of methods has been created to simplify dimensional analysis of collections of facts. The org.xbrlapi.aspects package provides a
basic implementation of dimensional analysis for the XBRL 2.1 specification (not the XDT specification yet) to support simple slicing and dicing of fact collections based upon the information about the definition of those facts and their contextual and unit information.

Posted by Geoffrey Shuetrim 2008-11-19

3.2 Point release

The new release features:
1. A small number of bug fixes
2. Significant improvements in the stability of the data store based on the Oracle Berkeley XML database
3. A simplification of the API to enhance the processing of relationship networks
4. Removal of non-functioning placeholder set methods.
5. A new indexing system for fragments
6. A method of ensuring that duplicate documents with different URLs are identified and treated as the same document.

Posted by Geoffrey Shuetrim 2008-07-30

Handling duplicate URLs

The XBRLAPI now optionally allows users to store just a single document in the data store, even when that document is loaded into the data store from more than one URL. See the new package for details.

The default behaviour remains as before where each URL gets stored in the data store.

Users can define their own document signatures to customise the level of confidence that they have in identifying identical documents that have been loaded into the data store from different URLs.

Posted by Geoffrey Shuetrim 2008-04-16

Subversion now used for source control

Source control has now moved to Subversion. The history of code changes has not been migrated from CVS. CVS remains available.

Posted by Geoffrey Shuetrim 2008-03-01

3.1 point release

This release involves a range of important bug fixes as well as improved support of both the BDB-XML data store and the Xindice data store. A range of new methods are also available for various fragment interfaces.

Posted by Geoffrey Shuetrim 2008-02-28

New 3.0 Release

The new 3.0 release features new classes that drastically simplify interactions with relationships and networks of relationships. It also includes a new persistent data store based upon the Oracle Berkeley Database. The project structure has also been reorganised to support the use of Maven for building the XBRLAPI source. The documentation on the website has also been significantly expanded and updated.
A significant number of bug fixes have also been provided as part of

Posted by Geoffrey Shuetrim 2007-07-30

Berkeley Database XML data store now in CVS

An implementation of the data store based on the Oracle Berkeley Database XML distribution ( is now in the CVS repository. Early assessment indicates that it has performance that is orders of magnitude better than than those of the other persistent data stores that have been implemented to date. A considerable part of this performance gain is likely to be attributable to the fact that it is implemented as an embedded database in the XBRLAPI's new bdbxml module.

Posted by Geoffrey Shuetrim 2007-07-19

New 2.0 release

The new 2.0 release of the XBRL API is available. Most of the functionality remains unchanged. However, the library has been repackaged to simplify the dependencies of the library on various data store implementations such as the eXist and Xindice databases.

To use the new release, you will at least need to download the binary jar files for the api, XLink, XML Base and XPointer packages.

Download the eXist binary jar file if you want to use the eXist data store and download the Xindice binary jar file if you want ot use the Xindice data store.

Posted by Geoffrey Shuetrim 2007-03-23

Set up to work with Maven

The XBRLAPI code base is now organised along the lines recommended for Maven projects. The code is organised into a variety of modules, each with its own project object model (pom.xml). The dependencies are clearly documented and minimised (eg: if you do not want to use eXist or Xindice as an underlying data store you do not need to use those modules). Overall, the changes should significantly improve the ease of setting up the XBRLAPI code base on your own system.

Posted by Geoffrey Shuetrim 2007-03-20

Now working with embedded eXist data store

The XBRLAPI now also works with eXist running as an embedded database within the XBRLAPI itself. This means that the eXist database is running in the same Java instance as the XBRLAPI implementation, dramatically improving performance.

Posted by Geoffrey Shuetrim 2006-10-16

DTS discovery streamlined

The DTS discovery process has been streamlined by eliminating all XLink extended link and locator post discovery processing. This cuts the standard discovery time by more than 50 % when using the Exist data store.

Posted by Geoffrey Shuetrim 2006-10-16

XBRLAPI 1.0 released.

Version 1.0 of the read-only features of XBRLAPI 1.0 are completed. No data modification functionality is provided by this implementation, meaning that it is "only" suitable for usage with applications that analyse or organise existing XBRL data.

Posted by Geoffrey Shuetrim 2006-10-02

New XBRLAPI file release

A new XBRLAPI file release has been issued to fix critical problems in Exist data store indexing and to fix problems relating to the manifest file for the XBRLAPI jar.

Posted by Geoffrey Shuetrim 2006-09-25

Major overhaul of data store

A major overhaul of the underlying data store has been finalised this week. The split of information about the information stored into one collection for actual data and one for metadata has been eliminated, improving data store interaction efficiencies and bringing a new ability to simultaneously query the data store on the basis of both the data and the metadata.

Posted by Geoffrey Shuetrim 2006-09-22