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XBMP discontinued (as XBMC reaches BETA)!

We are happy to announce the current XBMC CVS as 1.0 Beta ready, thus our first official public bug bash of XboxMediaCenter has begun and we are now on a feature freeze. As the time has come when XboxMediaCenter finally starting to reach maturity we also like to declare that the era of XboxMediaPlayer is over. The King is dead, long live the King! It's now time for XBMC to take the throne from its predecessor, so from today we officially do not support or develop XBMP any more; the XBMP forums will still be kept open but unmoderated, and development will only done on XBMC from now on. For those who missed it, XBMC/XboxMediaCenter is our successor to XBMP/XboxMediaPlayer, (yes both are/were developed by ourselves, the XBMP/XBMC-Team), we have been working very hard on XBMC over the past 6 months and to show its readiness we have put together a XBMC vs. XBMP comparison chart that can be viewed on XBMC website. ... read more

Posted by Andreas Setterlind 2004-04-30

XboxMediaPlayer 2.4 released

The XboxMediaPlayer 2.4 point release source code is now available here on SourceForge.net. This release includes On-Screen Display (OSD), HDTV 720p & 1080i support, and support for a number of additional codecs. The XboxMediaPlayer for the Xbox allows you to use a modded Xbox to play/view DivX, XVID, MPEG-1/2, MP3, JPG & other supported video/audio/picture formats via your TV so it can used as a multimedia jukebox. It also supports streaming media over a network.... read more

Posted by Andreas Setterlind 2003-06-01

You can help! Developers wanted...

You can help!

Last year lots of people were asking for the source code of XBMP. But now that its freely available it surprises me a bit that we don't get many patches from other developers.
So if you wrote a patch or a nice feature or..... please send it in! Depending on the quality of your patch/feature you can join the XBMP development team
Send your patch to xbmediaplayer@yahoo.co.uk or upload it here or here
http://www.xboxmediaplayer.it/upload/... read more

Posted by Andreas Setterlind 2003-01-27

XboxMediaPlayer Language files - Translations wanted

This is for all you willing to translate XboxMediaPlayer XML Language files:

The XboxMediaPlayer CVS has now been updated again with the latest XML language files (you can find them all here http://cvs.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/xbplayer/XBMP/freestyle/Media/Resources/Locale/ ). If you like to contribute with a translation to another language or correct/edit an existing XML file you can do so using the latest English version (lang-1.xml) as a refrence then upload the zipped file under "XML Language Files" here http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=browse&group_id=64793&atid=508680
Please include your name/alias & e-mail address as we will try to keep a updated record of authors & their e-mail's in the languages.txt file.... read more

Posted by Andreas Setterlind 2003-01-25

CVS mailing list up (for developers)

CVS mailing list up, developers please subscribe

The CVS send out a mail to all subscribers everytime a commit is done in the xbplayer CVS tree

You can subribre to the mailing list from here:

Note! There is also seperate mailing lists for "users" & "developers" for other XboxMediaPlayer updates

Posted by Andreas Setterlind 2003-01-04

From 19:00 we only support XBMP 2.0

Can you take a hint? ;-)

Posted by Andreas Setterlind 2002-12-14

and the winner is.... "Xbox Media Player"

It's official;
the XBPLAYER & YAMP merged teams/projects have decided to call the new joined project & player

"Xbox Media Player"

that's right! they decided to stick with the Xbox Media Player name (and website)

Posted by Andreas Setterlind 2002-12-12

Xbox Media Player merging with YAMP poll

Xbox Media Player merging with YAMP poll
Vote for new project name or not in this forum thread:

Xbox Media Player offical website:

Posted by Andreas Setterlind 2002-11-27

Xbox Media Player 1.02 French Manual v1.0.4

XboxMediaPlayer French manual updated to v1.0.4 (now for XBMP 1.02)

I've edited & updated the English manual by Shadow_Mx, the updated version (v1.0.4) does now have usage information about XBMP 1.02 (the unofficial release by GeXX) and some other additions. This manual has now been translated info French by Lemming. The manual can be accessed from the "How To Use" section on http://www.xboxmediaplayer.com/... read more

Posted by Andreas Setterlind 2002-11-20

XBMP Mailing Lists now available

There are now three XBMP Mailing Lists lists you can subscribe & posts to

These mailing lists are meant to keep developers/users up-to-date with progress of the XBMP Project and for developers (developers only) to post changes, updates & communication.

Remember to NOT posts any support, feature, update request etc. Read out FAQ:
For XBMP support read our FAQ + "How To Use" manuals/guides & use the forums over at:

Posted by Andreas Setterlind 2002-11-20

Xbox Media Player 1.02 English Manual v1.0.4

The English manual by Shadow_Mx has been edited & updated by Gamester17, the updated version (v1.0.4) and does now have usage information about XBMP 1.02 (unofficial release). The manual can be accessed from docs or via the offical web site http://www.xboxmediaplayer.com

Anyone willing to translate this (latest manual) to a other language can send me ( gamester17@nameplanet.com ) the translated version. ... read more

Posted by Andreas Setterlind 2002-11-19

XBMP English & Italian manuals updated to v1.0.3

The English manual by Shadow_Mx & the Italian translation by ^^Rev20^^ has been edited & updated by Gamester17 & xANTAL, the updated version (v1.0.3) can be accessed from docs or via the offical web site http://www.xboxmediaplayer.com

Posted by Andreas Setterlind 2002-11-13

Unofficial XBMP 1.02 source diffs

The unofficial XBMP 1.02 source diffs from GeXX is now available for download under patches.

XBPLAYER 1.0.2 unofficial (2002-11-09)
What's new:
- switch between 1st and 2nd AudioStream
- enable/disable subtitle
- hotbutton to turn off the controlpanel while playing
- forward and reverse-searching is now optimized.
(Black Triggerbuttons on PAD)
The intenseness is now really better. no longer linear.
Its better for short movies like soundclips.
- forward/backward - search via remote-control-buttons

Posted by Andreas Setterlind 2002-11-13

xboxmediaplayer.com forums re-opened

FYI - Our forums "new account registration" has now been reactivated.
So new people can register & post in the forums again.
Please check out our "FAQ" & read the latest manual before posting
...and ALWAYS follow ALL of the forums rules

XBMP Forums

FAQ - Section

How To Use - Section
http://www.xboxmediaplayer.de/newweb/info_howto.htm... read more

Posted by Andreas Setterlind 2002-11-04

IRC channel #xbplayer on EFnet

Xbox Media Player Support & discussion
IRC channel #xbplayer on EFnet

Posted by Andreas Setterlind 2002-11-04

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