XBox Controller HID Minidriver for PC / News: Recent posts

This Project is Dead

Due to the fact that ZeroX has written a driver that completes all objectives of my project, I am discontinuing mine. His driver is great, I highly recommend it.

Posted by Paul Betts 2003-04-03


As much as this project seems to be dead, I'm still trying to figure out the WDM driver model. I'm rewriting my driver from scratch, taking out the DriverWorks model. The driver will be written with XP in mind, but 2000 support will be attempted to be preserved.

Posted by Paul Betts 2002-11-03

Current Status

I know I haven't updated this page in awhile, because basically, I've been stuck. However, after talking to Marko Friedemann, the author of the Linux XBox controller driver, I have decided to completely rewrite the driver without using DriverWorks. I have also received some helpful information from the folks at, so that'll speed development along.

Posted by Paul Betts 2002-07-25

Help Wanted for Project

The basic structure and requirements for the XBox controller HID driver are complete, but I need programmers and testers to help debug it to finish it! If you're interested, EMail me at

So, let's get this thing done, 'cause I want to play Mech4 Vengeance using my XBox controller.

PS: If you're wondering what a HID driver is, with this driver, you'll be able to play PC games with your XBox controller as a joystick!

Posted by Paul Betts 2002-06-21

Things I would like to add

To finish this up at the kernel level, I need to add Force Feedback support, Memory Card support, and I also need to add support for generic controllers, as well as the XBox "S" controller. I also need to add a user-mode property page. Looking ahead to after that is complete, I would also like to add a keyboard-mouse emulator, much like the MS Dual Strike software, if you've used that before, IE the controller buttons are mapped to key strokes and the joystick is mapped to a virtual mouse. If you have any other features you'd like to see, please post it in the "Feature Request" forum.

Posted by Paul Betts 2002-06-17

Stuff about this project

This is a finished non-functional alpha build of an XBox Controller HID Driver. However, unlike other developers working on this solution, I have chosen to make my files completely open-source. I'm doing this so this driver can be quickly debugged and made into a fully functional solution. If you have anything to say, just leave a message in the forums. If you would like to join me as a developer, leave a forum message as well.

Posted by Paul Betts 2002-06-17