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2.10.2 released - please update!

Hi again!

Yet another release of xblast was done. This release includes major stability fixes so you are strongly encouraged to update soon. The benefit for you are obvious: Less crashes, less disconnects and lots more fun!

See you around,

Posted by Gerfried Fuchs 2005-04-18

Complete Source added

Starting with the next release of xblast the release will be accompanied with a "Complete Source" package. This will include the complete source, the images, models, levels but not the sound files. When updating you might want to get the things that changed since the last Complete Source only to reduce your download time. This package is available for convenience reasons.

Please notice (if you didn't see it above): The sound files are NOT included. If you want to get sound effects beside only speaker beeps, and even background music (about to come) you'll have to get the sound files on its own.... read more

Posted by Gerfried Fuchs 2005-01-04