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See Patches Tracker for most recent patches

Note that although there is only single release for now, there is also a small patch available in Patch Tracker (https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=183026&atid=903590).

Posted by Jan Ringoš 2007-03-14

Website is now running with complete documentation

Now you can visit http://xbinary.sourceforge.net/ for simple project presentation. There is also complete documentation available to browse online at http://xbinary.sourceforge.net/doc/index.htm.

Posted by Jan Ringoš 2007-01-09

First version of the library released

Hi everyone,

I have just released (actually re-released but the first attempt have been here for a few days only) first version of my library for manipulating the XB file format (also of my design). I am eager to hear any feedback about how do you like the library and the way it is to be used.

Soon I'll also release simple editor application (for Windown) but I want to have it a little stable.... read more

Posted by Jan Ringoš 2006-11-27