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xBaseJ - xBase Engine for Java / News: Recent posts

xBaseJ - Version 20140310

Release 20140310

1. Change version numbering to use release date.

2. Corrected File and Record Lock mechanism.

3. Replaced database version attribute - was using int now using Java 
enum type.

4. Now handles Clipper large Char fields (lengths > 256).
Posted by Joe McVerry 2014-03-08 Labels: Clipper

xBaseJ - 2012-12-31 Release

xBaseJ - Javae dBase Engine, this release removes the Xerces XML dependency from its XMLParser class.

Posted by Joe McVerry 2012-12-31

xBaseJ - Bug Fix

A bug fix for the xBaseJ project has been updated. The fix was for a bug that left MDX files open if there was an exception.

xBaseJ is a Java dBase engine.

Posted by Joe McVerry 2012-12-17

xBaseJ Update CurrencyFields

xBaseJ - dbase for Java now handles Currency fields.

Posted by Joe McVerry 2012-01-19

xBaseJ 20110726

xBaseJ - dBase access for Java
Updated with bug fixes.

Posted by Joe McVerry 2011-07-26

xBaseJ Update

I just posted an update to the xBaseJ project. Fixes for memo field and date field classes.

xBaseJ is a dBase Engine written in Java.

Posted by Joe McVerry 2011-06-14

xBaseJ - Update 2011 04 21

This is a bug fix for ndx files using duplicate keys. Updating record incorrectly changed another record with the same key value.

xBaseJ is a dBase Engine written in Java.

Posted by Joe McVerry 2011-04-21

xBaseJ - Updated 2011 04 01

xBaseJ - dBase Engine for Java has been updated with bug fixes and code to enhance performance.

Posted by Joe McVerry 2011-04-01

xBaseJ - 20091203

Update to fix bug with Index class that had issues with empty dbf files.

Posted by Joe McVerry 2009-12-03

xBaseJ Bug Fix

Release 2009/10/13

1. Method reIndex2 removed for all indexing classes.

2. added new test class testMDXBy2ndParty

3. removed old debugging code from some classes.

4. Fixed null pointer exception which happened when calling close() without any NDX files open.

5. abstracted the getType method in abstract Field class.

5.a getType no longer throws xBaseJException.

6. cleaned up put(double) method in FloatField.... read more

Posted by Joe McVerry 2009-10-13

xBaseJ - dBase For Java

Release 20090922 has been posted.

Logging is now handled by the Apache Commons Logging classes.

Posted by Joe McVerry 2009-09-22

xBaseJ 20090918 Update

xBaseJ - dBase For Java has been updated. This release includes a fix for encoding Strings for fpt formatted files.

Posted by Joe McVerry 2009-09-18

xBaseJ 20090915 Update

xBaseJ has been modified to allow Numeric and Float type fields to recognize the locale's decimal separator.

Posted by Joe McVerry 2009-09-15

xBaseJ Update

xBaseJ - Java Classes to read dBase and other dbf files.

Update included a fix for reading the memo field from a fpt file.

Posted by Joe McVerry 2008-09-02

xBaseJ 20080710 Release

xBaseJ - a Java DBF engine for dBase and FoxPro files.


1. Changed private objects in DBF class to protected in preparation to subclass DBF.
2. Temporary Foxpro files were not creating the memofile with the ftp extension.

Posted by Joe McVerry 2008-07-10

xBaseJ RMI Update

xBaseJ - dBase Access for Java.

The build process was updated to include the "missing" RMI classes.

The RMI classes provide remote access to dBase files via Java RMI.

Posted by Joe McVerry 2008-04-10

LGPL License for xBaseJ

The license for the xBaseJ and xBaseJMicro packages have been changed from GPL to LGPL.

xBaseJ is a Java based engine for dbase (dbf) files.

Posted by Joe McVerry 2008-02-11

xBaseJMicro Package Added to xBaseJ Project

xBaseJ Micro

dBase Access for Java ME

This is a subset of the xBaseJ package found on

The API is similar except for somethings such as package naming.

Package built with Java ME (J2ME) CDC Foundation Profile Development
JSR219 (FP 1.1.2)

Posted by Joe McVerry 2008-01-21

xBaseJ Is Now Open Source

American Coders Ltd has successfully relicensed its software package xBaseJ to become an open source package. The open source version of xBaseJ is now available at

xBaseJ is a collection of Java classes and methods to process xBase file (dbf, ndx, mdx, etc...). These Java classes allow a programmer to read/write/update xBase type files.

Posted by Joe McVerry 2008-01-02