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Major new features in XAO Web

XAO Web has got a lot of fully backward compatible changes. It now supports better syntax for embedding variables, a way to literally pass values around without expanding them. It also got a new very fast parser that is 5 times faster then before.

XAO FS got a new fast MySQL driver that bypasses DBI/DBD and talks directly to the MySQL.

There is now a syntax in XAO::FS that allows to assign non-random ID to objects when they are stored without an ID provided.... read more

Posted by Andrew Maltsev 2002-11-11

XAO Content release

Just release is the XAO Content -- mighty tool to manage semi-static content of web sites, set configuration, edit, publish and preview the changes. Enjoy!

Minor enhancements and bug fixes for other tools are released as well.

Stay tuned for the next big thing - XAO Commerce - fully functional FREE e-commerce web site.

Posted by Andrew Maltsev 2002-03-19

XAO Foundation Server 1.0

First public release of XAO Foundation Server is out. The code is stable and includes an extensive test suite that has been in use internally for mutliple projects.

Feel free to ask questions at tech@xao.com. Mailing list for general questions will be added soon.

Posted by Andrew Maltsev 2001-11-07