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0.3 - finally

0.3 is finally released, this testing period was really really long but there were much new things to test. For a complete impression on all changes check out http://x4x.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Release03

Posted by Georg Schild 2007-05-11


The first release candidate for v0.3 is out, check http://x4x.sourceforge.net for more details. This release marks a big milestone, screenshots are already up2date.

Posted by Georg Schild 2007-02-05

0.2.2 is on the run

Hertha aka 0.2.2 is a maintainance release to allow X4X to work with xmms2 DrGonzo. DrGonzo had quite some changes in the javabindings which were introduced right after DrEvil, they should be more stable now. Next change in the bindings is to get the Collections API up and running in some nice java way. X4X itself lost its dependency on log4j and jdom, besides that java5 has now to be used. No new functionality was added. Have fun ;)

Posted by Georg Schild 2006-09-23

0.2.1 released

0.2.1 fixes some cpu-eating things DraX and Eclipse from the xmms2-team found out while I was testing java webstart etc. Furthermore the build changed a little bit, everything is in the jar now.

Posted by Georg Schild 2006-07-15


Since yesterday x4x is also available via java webstart at http://x4x.sourceforge.net/webstart/x4x.jnlp .

Posted by Georg Schild 2006-07-05

New Release: Anja

Today (it's my birthdaypresent ;)) we released version 0.2 of X4X aka Anja. It has some big improvements in speed and stability and since 0.2 we will also ship binary releases to avoid the need of ant etc. Hopefully our downloadcounter gets a bit more increased this way ;)

PS.: ok, sorry, the binary releases have to wait a few days until DrEvil is out, the source release already works.

Posted by Georg Schild 2006-06-13

Plugins and google calendar

We started to implement the plugininterface and also some example plugins. Not everything is done atm but there are at least two OutputPlugins and two UIPlugins in cvs module X4XPlugins. Next release will add the plugininterface to X4X.

We started some google calendar, check it out via google calendar search. We'll document the development there. Maybe it's interesting ;)

Posted by Georg Schild 2006-05-09

0.1.2 aka Grete is released

This new release adds more nice features like branding, commandline arguments, better playlisthandling, speed improvements etc. to X4X. Check Changelog for more details

Posted by Georg Schild 2006-04-10

0.1.1 Martha released

Martha is a bugfixrelease after we found some small but annoying things in Gerda. We added serverip and serverport properties, improved thread-scheduling, etc. have a look at changelog. Again latest xmms2-devel is needed

Posted by Georg Schild 2006-03-23

1st release

Today we released Gerda aka version 0.1. It uses quite some functions xmms2 provides but is only tested on unix-like systems. To install you need ant, swt and latest xmms2-devel or DrDolittle. README tells you more. Come to #x4x on irc.freenode.net and tell us what you think

Posted by Georg Schild 2006-03-20

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