360 h.264 conversion

  • Paul Pietkiewicz

    I know that this question is a tad off topic, but does anyone know how to convert DivX/Xvid files to 360 compliant h.264 MP4 using mencoder? I have been trying however I can't get the settings right. Here is what I have:

    mencoder movie.avi -o movie.mp4 -oac faac -faacopts br=128:mpeg=4:object=1 -ovc x264 -x264encopts threads=4:bitrate=1000:pass=2

    Thanks in advance :)

    • karto

      karto - 2007-05-20

      I don't know about mencoder, but this guide might give you some pointers http://www.digital-digest.com/articles/Xbox_360_H.264_Conversion_Guide_page1.html

      It works flawlessly for me.

      • Paul Pietkiewicz

        Any linux specific pointers? Perhaps with ffmpeg?

        • Unamanic

          Unamanic - 2007-05-24

          nice ffmpeg -y -i input.avi -vcodec h264 -b 1000000 -acodec aac -ar 48000 -ab 160 -f mov output.mov

          worked for me


    • karto

      karto - 2007-05-20

      I forgot - here is the Xbox teams "Spring '07 Video Playback FAQ" with details for what is and isn't supported:


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