How to Set VFW settings programatcially

  • Meghana

    Meghana - 2012-06-04


    I am using x264Vfw with directshow with vc++ to encode mp4 video , i need to
    manage their settings programatically , but i didn't get any example code or
    reference to set this...

    can anybody have reference for this??

  • Brian R. Shock

    Brian R. Shock - 2012-06-04

    You can write x264vfw settings directly to the Registry in

    I'm guessing that your project only requires a change of settings before the
    actual encoding process, so this should be enough for you.

    What I'd like to see personally is a way to affect the inner x264 codec during
    runtime, such as some sort of interface for calling functions like

  • BugMaster

    BugMaster - 2012-06-05

    x264vfw is Video for Windows (VfW) codec NOT DirectShow Filter so all
    what it can do is limited by VfW interface. It can't do something not
    specified in VfW API. For setting options it only have ICM_SETSTATE which
    allow to set previously saved state by ICM_GETSTATE (both supported by
    x264vfw). As was said brianshock you can change settings in windows registry
    (note that 64-bit version use x264vfw64 node instead of x264) before openning
    codec. If you want to reload settings from registry in already openned codec
    you will need to send ICM_SETSTATE with wParam == NULL.

    P.S. Standard DirectShow wrapper for VfW codecs even more limited than direct
    use of VfW.

  • Meghana

    Meghana - 2012-06-06

    Thanks @brianshock and @masternobody for your replies.... i need to set
    bitrate , latency settings of vfw (which is provided by vfw UI Interface) ,
    which i need to override. so can we do that in vc++ ?? or can just do in
    Registry as suggested by @brianshock


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