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Mailing list removed

Since it was not used and also I have forgotten the admin password (If I ever knew it??), The (empty) mailing lists are removed now. Please use the forum/discussion pages.

Posted by Markus Hoffmann 2015-07-10

Wiki removed

The new wiki was not used (and is not at all an adequate replacement for the former mediawiki) so I have removed it completely from the project.

Posted by Markus Hoffmann 2015-07-10

Version 1.23 is out

A new version of X11-Basic has been released. The most important new features are:
complex number support
support for big integers (using libgmp)

Posted by Markus Hoffmann 2014-07-04

X11-Basic MediaWIKI is given up

Sourceforge does not support The MediaWIKI for X11-Basic anymore. So I have decided to give it up. This is a real pitty. The contents are reviewed and in cases where it is worth it, I conserve the pages in .PDF and .HTML format and they are linked to the documentation WEB-Page. All other pages will be deleted up to the end of the month. So please do not put anything in there anymore. Thanks! X11-Basic WIKI RIP!

Posted by Markus Hoffmann 2014-05-26

Version 1.22 is out

We can proudly announce Version 1.22 for linux, MS Windows and Android.

Posted by Markus Hoffmann 2014-03-21

An Android Port of X11-Basic V.1.18 is out.

Look for X11-Basic in the Android Market.

Posted by Markus Hoffmann 2012-05-10

X11-Basic released new Version 1.16

For more details please read the release notes.

Posted by Markus Hoffmann 2011-04-05

X11-Basic released Version 1.14

For details, please see the release notes.

Posted by Markus Hoffmann 2007-04-09

X11-Basic released DSL linux and puppy linux versions

New there are also ready-made packages of X11-Basic for DSL (Damn Small Linux) and Puppy-Linux.
The MyDSL Package is istalled straightforward.
See the MyDSL instructions on the web.

Posted by Markus Hoffmann 2006-08-26

X11-Basic released tinexbasic

tinexbasic is a modified X11-Basic version, which was linked against the TINE (Threefold Integrated network Environment (c) DESY) shared library.
There are several additional Commands to use the TINE features. See the man-page.

Posted by Markus Hoffmann 2006-08-26

X11-Basic released Version 1.13

For details please see the release notes

Posted by Markus Hoffmann 2006-02-05

X11-Basic released Version 1.12

For details please see the release notes

Posted by Markus Hoffmann 2005-03-05

X11-Basic released Version 1.11

Please see the release notes.

Posted by Markus Hoffmann 2004-10-29

X11-Basic released Version 1.10

Please see the release notes.

Posted by Markus Hoffmann 2004-02-28

New SOUND feature

Version 1.09-3 now comes with a simple sound feature which uses the internal speaker. Please try out the sample programs and report any problems.

Have fun.

Posted by Markus Hoffmann 2003-09-05

X11-Basic released Version 1.09

please notice that there are also new example programs (see X11-Basic-examples-1.09.zip)

Posted by Markus Hoffmann 2003-06-22

X11-Basic released Version 1.08

Some improvements, some new functions.

Posted by Markus Hoffmann 2002-12-14

X11-Basic released a first WINDOWS95/98/NT-Version

The Version 1.07 now also comes as a WINDOWS-exe

Posted by Markus Hoffmann 2002-10-05

X11-Basic released Version 1.07

The last known bug was fixed.

Posted by Markus Hoffmann 2002-09-26

X11-Basic sample programs

The sample programs for the X11-Basic package
now come seperate from the *.rpm file.
see: X11-Basic-examples.zip

Posted by Markus Hoffmann 2002-04-24

X11-Basic released Version 1.06

A Basic Interpreter for Linux/Unix with X11 graphic capabilities

Version 1.06 is now released.
See Homepage for upload. Sourceforge's
File release system is broken !

Posted by Markus Hoffmann 2002-01-31

X11-Basic: RPM release V.1.05-1

I created a redhat package containing the binaries and libraries.

Posted by Markus Hoffmann 2001-08-28

X11-Basic: released postrelease V. 1.04b

minor bugfixes, new compiler.bas, SYSTEM$(), GLOB()

Posted by Markus Hoffmann 2001-08-19

X11-Basic: New official release 1.04

This release includes some bug fixes and a new psydo compiler.
The X11-Basic can now be used as a shared library to make very short executables from sources.

Posted by Markus Hoffmann 2001-05-31

X11-Basic: psydo-compiler

I have build up a psydo-compiler which makes stand alone
binaries out of *.bas source code.

see prerelease Version 1.04 beta which is available on the
homepage http://www-cip.physik.uni-bonn.de/~hoffmann/X11-Basic/next_version.html

Posted by Markus Hoffmann 2001-04-28

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