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wxLua Released

wxLua is a long overdue stable bugfix release. There are a few new wxWidgets classes and functions. The binding generator has been changed to accept simple valid C++ code. The precompiled versions are linked against the SVN trunk of the wxWidgets 2.8 branch (2.8.12 with bug fixes). Note that the wxLua source code can be compiled against wxWidgets 2.9.x too.

Posted by John Labenski 2013-09-12

wxLua Released

wxLua is a stable bugfix release that is a minor update to the internals of wxLua. The precompiled versions are linked against wxWidgets 2.8.12. Note that the source code can be compiled against wxWidgets 2.9.x.

Posted by John Labenski 2012-07-27

wxLua released

wxLua is a stable bugfix release that is a minor update to the internals of wxLua and the precompiled versions are linked against wxWidgets 2.8.10.

Posted by John Labenski 2009-05-24

wxLua released

We are pleased to announce the latest release of wxLua.

wxLua is a Lua scripting language wrapper around the wxWidgets cross-platform
GUI library. It consists of an executable for running standalone wxLua scripts
and a library for extending C++ programs with a fast, small, fully embeddable
scripting language.

http://www.wxwidgets.org... read more

Posted by Francesco Montorsi 2008-02-03

wxLua released

This fixes a couple bugs in the bindings for handing the same data being pushed into Lua multiple times. Additionally, the wxWidgets bindings are separated into the same libs that wxWidgets uses instead of having one large monolithic binding.

Posted by John Labenski 2007-08-13

wxLua released

Enable wxMediaCtrl by default.

Posted by John Labenski 2007-07-02

wxLua released

Major updates for wxWidgets 2.8.4 and Lua 5.1.2.

Posted by John Labenski 2007-06-30

wxLua binary download for Mac OS X now available

Thanks to Anders F. Bjorklund, now wxLua also provides a binary download for Mac OS X Tiger!

Posted by Francesco Montorsi 2007-02-24

wxLua released!

wxLua development team is pleased to announce that wxLua is now available for download.

For more info please look at the announcement in the mailing list.

Posted by Francesco Montorsi 2006-12-24

wxLua is getting ready for release

Now that wxWidgets 2.8.0 has been released, wxLua team is preparing to release wxLua with a lot of new features and updates. If you find time to test latest wxLua snapshots and find problems with them, please let us now!

Posted by Francesco Montorsi 2006-12-17

wxLua now uses an unmodified copy of lua 5.1.1

Previously wxLua used a slightly modified version of lua to track the creation and deletion of coroutines. This code has been reworked so this is no longer necessary.

Posted by John Labenski 2006-12-13

wxLua subscribed at LuaForge

The wxLua project has been subscribed to LuaForge, too !
While the main development happens at http://wxlua.sourceforge.net, wxLua development team hopes that registering the project also at LuaForge the users will find it more quickly.

Posted by Francesco Montorsi 2006-05-23

wxLua documentation!

Finally there is a small amount of documentation for programming in wxLua. It is currently being written and any information you can give about what gave you trouble learning it would be useful. See the documentation page.

Posted by John Labenski 2006-04-28

Daily sourcecode snapshot

A daily snaptshot of the CVS HEAD source code is available in tar.gz format. You can also browse the sources online. See the download page for more information.

Posted by John Labenski 2006-04-28

wxLua released !

The first release created since wxLua has moved to sourceforge is out !
Let us know if you find it useful !

Posted by Francesco Montorsi 2006-03-10

Getting ready for a release

First release of wxLua at SF is being prepared - hopefully it will be a matter of few days ;)

Posted by Francesco Montorsi 2006-02-20

wxLua new website

wxLua project has launched the new website. Thanks to Haran for its Gila OS webdesign !

Posted by Francesco Montorsi 2006-02-19

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