#135 Fatal Crash after adding 2 Sizers with no Labels


I'm running wxFormBuilder Version 3.4.2 (Unicode)

If you create a form, Add a sizer and change the sizer Label to nothing or blank. Then add a notebook item, add a panel,add a sizer to panel and change it's label to nothing or blank. Click off the object properties and it will crash with:

wxFormBuilder Error - A Fatal Error Occurred. Click Details for a backtrace.


12:27:05: 0x61602e06: ZNK16wxAppConsoleBase11HandleEventEP12wxEvtHandlerMS0_FvR7wxEventES3_ in C:\Program Files (x86)\wxFormBuilder\wxbase30u_gcc_cl.dll
12:27:05: 0x6176f8cc: ZN12wxEvtHandler23ProcessEventIfMatchesIdERK21wxEventTableEntryBasePS_R7wxEvent in C:\Program Files (x86)\wxFormBuilder\wxbase30u_gcc_cl.dll
12:27:05: 0x6ca00edf: ZN8wxWindow16MSWHandleMessageEPljjl in C:\Program Files (x86)\wxFormBuilder\wxmsw30u_core_gcc_cl.dll
12:27:05: 0x7773a14b: ReleaseDC in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\USER32.dll
12:27:05: 0x77738fed: GetAncestor in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\USER32.dll
12:27:05: 0x77738f74: GetAncestor in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\USER32.dll
12:27:05: 0x6c9fbc6e: ZN8wxWindow16MSWDefWindowProcEjjl in C:\Program Files (x86)\wxFormBuilder\wxmsw30u_core_gcc_cl.dll
12:27:05: 0x6cd10159: ZN20wxXmlResourceHandler15AddWindowStylesEv in C:\Program Files (x86)\wxFormBuilder\wxmsw30u_core_gcc_cl.dll
12:27:05: 0x6ca4702e: ZN7wxFrame13MSWWindowProcEjjl in C:\Program Files (x86)\wxFormBuilder\wxmsw30u_core_gcc_cl.dll
12:27:05: 0x6c9e750d: ZN8wxWindow13MSWWindowProcEjjl in C:\Program Files (x86)\wxFormBuilder\wxmsw30u_core_gcc_cl.dll
12:27:05: 0x6c9e750d: ZN8wxWindow13MSWWindowProcEjjl in C:\Program Files (x86)\wxFormBuilder\wxmsw30u_core_gcc_cl.dll
12:27:05: 0x6c9e74e0: ZN8wxWindow13MSWWindowProcEjjl in C:\Program Files (x86)\wxFormBuilder\wxmsw30u_core_gcc_cl.dll
12:27:05: 0x6c9f7cf6: Z9wxWndProcP6HWNDjjl in C:\Program Files (x86)\wxFormBuilder\wxmsw30u_core_gcc_cl.dll
12:27:05: 0x7795ff34: RtlDeactivateActivationContextUnsafeFast in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll
12:27:05: 0x6c9f7cf6: Z9wxWndProcP6HWND
jjl in C:\Program Files (x86)\wxFormBuilder\wxmsw30u_core_gcc_cl.dll
12:27:05: 0x777377d8: gapfnScSendMessage in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\USER32.dll
12:27:05: 0x777378cb: gapfnScSendMessage in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\USER32.dll
12:27:05: 0x6cd5807a: ZN18wxHeaderCtrlSimple17UpdateColumnCountEv in C:\Program Files (x86)\wxFormBuilder\wxmsw30u_core_gcc_cl.dll
12:27:05: 0x6163a46c: ZN17wxEventLoopManual5DoRunEv in C:\Program Files (x86)\wxFormBuilder\wxbase30u_gcc_cl.dll
12:27:05: 0x630065: wxAuiPaneInfo::DefaultPane() in C:\Program Files (x86)\wxFormBuilder\wxFormBuilder.exe
12:27:05: 0x750074: _GLOBALsub_IZN19XrcPreviewPopupMenu13sm_eventTableE in C:\Program Files (x86)\wxFormBuilder\wxFormBuilder.exe
12:27:05: 0x8978428b: [unknown function] in [unknown module]
12:27:05: 0x428bec45: [unknown function] in [unknown module]
12:27:05: 0xf045897c: [unknown function] in [unknown module]
12:27:05: 0x80828b: [unknown function] in C:\Program Files (x86)\wxFormBuilder\wxFormBuilder.exe
12:27:05: 0x85c70000: [unknown function] in [unknown module]
12:27:05: 0xecca400: [unknown function] in [unknown module]
12:27:05: A Fatal Error Occurred. Click Details for a backtrace.


  • ibigpapsmear

    ibigpapsmear - 2014-03-28

    New Note it appears if you change the label value of a sizer object then add an object to the sizer change it's label and click back in the designer window on your gui it crashes

  • dawciobiel

    dawciobiel - 2014-09-24


    I notice very simlar crash after clearing labels from two wxStaticText.

  • Bill Miller

    Bill Miller - 2015-06-19

    I can consistently reproduce this crash (same stack trace) just by leaving ANY text control modified in the properties grid THEN clicking on any control in the Designer pane.
    (typically something like a listbox, button or calendar control)

    So, change the name of one control in the Properties grid but don't click off or hit enter.
    Then click on a button control in the Designer pane and bam.
    The trick is a text control in the properties grid must be modified.

    To get around the crash just hit enter first on a modified property text control.

  • Paul Finch

    Paul Finch - 2015-09-23

    I have the same problem.

  • Zeerob

    Zeerob - 2015-09-25

    I am running wxFormbuilder on Windows 10 64-bit. I get these fatal errors also, all the time. I am running version 3.5.1-RC1 (Unicode).

    Last edit: Zeerob 2015-09-25

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