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#44 Crash when setting up first share folder

valknut (16)

Valknut: 0.4.9 (Build date: 20090210 release)
DCLIB: 0.3.23 (Build date: 20090210 release)
Qt compiled: 4.4.3
Qt used: 4.4.3
LIBXML compiled: 20616
LIBXML used: 20616

Failed to get more information about the crash.
The gdb program is required to get the information.
Exit code: -1
Error messages:

I'm running MacOS 10.4.11 on a 450 MHz PPC G4 with 2 GB SDRAM


  • Edward Sheldrake

    Can you be more specific, e.g. does it crash:
    1. When opening a folder browsing dialog?
    2. When saving the settings?
    3. When it starts hashing?

    In any case, I don't have a Mac or access to any PPC machine, your best bet is to first try the latest nightly from

    If that has the same problem, you will need to build valknut yourself from svn, with debug info enabled, to provide the "backtrace" from the crash.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    It crashes when I attempt to add my first share folder. I click the button to add it, select the folder, click to confirm, and that's when it crashes.

  • Edward Sheldrake

    Do any other folder browsing dialogs e.g. Download Folder, Move Finished Files to Folder, Data Folder cause a crash?


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