#127 New Default Environment Variable 'WRAPPER_CONF_DIR'


Most Integrationsmethods imply that the wrapper binary is in a predefined location in respect to wrapper.conf configuration file or other application files. This means with WRAPPER_BIN_DIR could all such files could be located.
But to simplify a integration method where the wrapper (binary) files are at an independent location and only the wrapper.conf file is with the application it would be useful to have an WRAPPER_CONF_DIR predefined environment variable which can be used to locate the wrapper.conf directory and so the application without having the directory explicitly configured in the wrapper.conf

Please add such a variable which is set at startup of the wrapper to the path of the used wrapper.conf file.
It would be also useful, if this variable could be used early at startup in "#include" statements


  • Christian Mueller


    I'm very sorry for not replying to your request.

    I also think it sounds like a handy option, so I implemented the WRAPPER_CONF_DIR it will be in the next release of the Wrapper.
    You can pretty much use this variable as you described, also at the startup, for instance in #includes.

    Thank you very much for your request.
    Please don't hesitate if you have anything else in your mind.


  • charly

    charly - 2011-02-05

    Ok Thank you.

    Next release means: 3.5.8 ?

    In fact I have something in mind:
    the wrapper commands relating to the windows service
    are of restricted use for because the service is usually at a (remote) server and
    I would like that the wrapper also connects to a remote service manager to issue sevice related commands. If you are interested I would make an enhancement request about I could imagine that


  • Christian Mueller


    probably the next release is 3.6.0. We haven't heard of any bug in 3.5.7 so we are not going to do a new minor release.
    We target end of march for the release of that version.

    Thank you for your suggestion. I will have a look at this and see how it could be implemented. But think it sounds like a good enhancement. If you want please open another feature request, so we can talk about that over there.

    Best Regards,


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