#109 Original file content remains on remote host


wput reports normal action for transfer but remote file content remains unchanged(?) after transfer while target directory byte count and mdate display correct new content. See also tracker 3427288 for similarity?

Local desktop: PC with Ubuntu precise 12.04 LTC OS plus wput 0.6.2-2build1
browser: firefox with no proxy used [squid is bypassed] shows identical content as the remote editor
command: $ wput -vN -i $HOME/projects/RW/put1209b ftp://[uid:pwd@my-domain]/public_html/
file: put1209b specifies three files from working directory

Remote server: "HostGator" with presently unknown software version.
Result diretory: the subject files show new byte count and mdate after transfer
Remote editor: the subject file content remains unchanged from the original content after transfer that requests a "replacement" or "overwrite".

Test performed:
1) after the original remote file is renamed or deleted and then transfer is repeated, then the file content is the new content.
2) -N switch causes correct skip/update logic choice.

If and when this is worked on -- I will be delighted to supply all answers from any specific test run to help isolate any bug.


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