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0.3 r2 available for download

The Grain Theme for Wordpress 0.3 "r2" bugfix release including translation fixes and Mosaic MediaRSS support is now available for download.

Posted by Markus Mayer 2009-03-31

Fixed MediaRSS (Cooliris/Piclens) support in Grain 0.3

As per revision 207, Grain's MediaRSS feed supports the on-demand loading feature. It is now possible to set a relatively small amount of feed entries (e.g. 25) and still have all pictures displayed within Cooliris.

This is currently SVN only, but I'll upload a new release in a while.

Posted by Markus Mayer 2009-03-29

Grain 0.3 released

Sorry it took me so long.
You can get your copy in the Download section. We'll resresh the Wiki pages ASAP.

Posted by Markus Mayer 2008-07-17

Grain 0.3 is now beta 2

The development version of Grain 0.3 is now tagged as beta 2. In addition to the features from the beta 1, this version now sports MediaRSS support as well as different post types: You'll now be able to decide if a post is a "classic" photoblog post, showing the uploaded photo, or a custom post showing content you specify, i.e. flash video, etc.

Posted by Markus Mayer 2008-06-24

Grain 0.3 is on the way

... yep, this is still alive. It's actually quite hot.


Posted by Markus Mayer 2008-06-18