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WoWBench 1.12.0.a2 released

Now includes the 1.12 release FrameXML.

See for details

Posted by Mikk 2006-08-27

WOWBench 1.12.0.a1 released

Now comes with Win32 Lua binaries and complete FrameXML in the package. Also a standalone "wow" directory with a rudimentary WTF directory.

For details, see

Posted by Mikk 2006-07-28

WoWBench released.

The "-q" (quick) mode now uses "FrameXML-lite", which loads more than three times as fast, and will still support the basics of most addons.

As usual, many new APIs were added or improved.

See for details.

In other news, WoWBench 1.12 is in the works.

Posted by Mikk 2006-07-28

Optimized Win32 Lua binaries including bitlib available

The WoWBench downloads page now includes a .zip containing highly optimized Lua binaries which will load WoWBench approximately 20% faster than the standard LuaBinaries package will. It also includes a copy of the bitlib, which is available in WoW.

For a few days, there was a similar package available that had performance problems. If you downloaded that package (prior to July 27), download this package instead.... read more

Posted by Mikk 2006-07-27

WoWBench 1.11.0.a2 - OK for WoW 1.11

WoWBench 1.11.0.a2 is now out, and is considered OK for WoW 1.11 development. Among the bigger changes, the Widget API has been updated to match patch 1.11.

See for details!

Posted by Mikk 2006-06-25

WoWBench 1.11.0 pre-inhouse-alpha

Right. I've gotten the current PTR FrameXML ( - 11100) to at least LOAD under WoWBench.

The entire Widget restructuring ( has yet to be done, but at least there's something to start playing with now!


Posted by Mikk 2006-06-16

Alpha going live

First public alpha becomes available from here and various WoW AddOn sites.

Posted by Mikk 2006-06-16

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