#2 Inconsistencies in English wordlists


Orig: [ 564321 ] Inconsistencies in English wordlists
From: Ed Avis - epaepa

A while ago I was working on a big list of
american/british/canadian spelling conversions (more comprehensive than varcon) and while trying
to automatically generate part of this list I found lots of inconsistencies in aspell's English wordlists.

These were a few cases of variant spellings being
listed in the wrong lists, many cases of possessives being present but not the base word (eg
american includes Grecism's but not Grecism) and
thousands of cases where words had posessives that shouldn't (eg Anglicanize's).

So I've got this big big list of inconsistencies, but
in a format that would make it easy to read with Perl and correct the wordlists automatically. The trouble is that Aspell's wordlists are made by merging together several others, and if those are 'buggy' there's not
much to do about it. For words which are _missing_ you could have an ad-hoc additional list to make things consistent; for words which shouldn't be there at
all it's not clear what to do. Although I think that
ispell's wordlists are responsible for most of those errors, and I have already submitted corrections to the ispell maintainer.

Anyway, for the record, the attached file is a big list of inconsistencies found in the american, british, canadian and english wordlists.


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