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WordFlashReader 1.0rc2 released

- Provided an easy installation path for linux users (using pp)
- Fixed problems with fullscreen mode on linux
- A number of minor bug fixes
- Updated documentation

Posted by Winship Varner 2008-05-23

WordFlashReader 1.0rc1 released!

Here is the first release candidate for the 1.0 version! Changes include:

* Added a dialog to adjust the ratio between word size and flashing speed

* Added a dialog to adjust the pause lengths

* Added a properties dialog to display facts about your reading session

* Fixed a bug where chunks were skipped after commas

* Added versioning to WFR and its .ini file

* Minor bug fixes

Posted by Winship Varner 2008-05-15

WordFlashReader 0.99.9 released

This is a bug fix release.

Better formatting of text

Lots of little bug fixes in word navigation, the shortcut menu, and fullscreen mode.

Posted by Winship Varner 2008-01-20

WordFlashReader 0.99.8 source code released

I've been having trouble getting this version to work with PAR::Packer, so I'm just releasing the source code. I noticed that I mistakenly included outdated documentation on how to install the source code version. Here is how to install it on Windows:

You will need Perl installed on your computer. You can download a Windows version at http://www.activestate.com/ (I've only tested this version with ActivePerl Install ActivePerl by running the installer. Make sure the executable directory (PERLDIR\bin) is added to the PATH (the installer usually does this automatically). To check this run "perl -v" or "perl -V" from the command-line. If you are using ActivePerl, then you will also need to install the following modules:... read more

Posted by Winship Varner 2008-01-06

WordFlashReader 0.98.9 released

Allows for slower flashing of words. Minor tweaks and bug fixes.

Posted by Winship Varner 2007-07-16

Fixed Installer for the WordFlashReader 0.98.7 release

Apparently I mistakenly uploaded the program executable and not the installer package. Uff! The problem's fixed now

Posted by Winship Varner 2007-05-18

WordFlashReader 0.98.7 released

- Now runs on both Windows and Linux
- Improved chunking of texts
- Minor feature enhancements
- Minor bug fixes

Posted by Winship Varner 2007-04-15

WordFlashReader 0.98.5 released

This is a bug-fix release. I've also included some usability enhancements.

Posted by Winship Varner 2007-03-30

WordFlashReader 0.98.3 released

Striving for the 1.0 release!

Lots of bug fixes.

Posted by Winship Varner 2007-03-15

WordFlashReader 0.98 released

I've completely re-written of the user interface (I think it is much nicer now).

It has better support of different text encodings.

It now give you words-per-minute, amount of text completed, and time remaining.

Much better configuration of fonts and various display colors.

I've fixed a lot of bugs (but probably have introduced a few along the way).

Posted by Winship Varner 2007-03-06

WordFlashReader 0.94 Released

This is the first Windows release! You can now install it like any other Windows program. Also included some support for unicode web-pages and text files.

Posted by Winship Varner 2007-01-25

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