#18 Run-time error 5941


Bug Report on Word2MediaWikiPlus_Installer
Notes by R. Marlow, 21APR2007

Bug encountered on 20APR2007 at 1445 hrs.

Bug encountered again on 21APR2007 at 1200 hrs.

Word2MediaWikiPlus_Installer "Install or update macro" button leads to:
"Run-time error '5941': The requested member of the collection does not exist."

Included images show what the initial error message looks like (bug_screen_1.bmp) and what is displayed when I click on 'debug' (bug_screen_2.bmp).

user email address: ryan.marlow.mps@gmail.com


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I forgot to state that this error took place in Word 2000, running on Windows 2000.
    -R. Marlow

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Just a note - The same error Occurs on Word 2007

  • bigbywolf

    bigbywolf - 2007-08-11

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    I've found how to fix this in word 2007, not sure it will work with earlier versions. when the 5941 error msg pops up, i get a button which says "debug". click on that (if you get it) and it will run visual basic, with the error highlighted. what the error appears to be is that your normal template (normal.dotm in word 2007) isn't found by word2mediawikiplus, because it is looking for normal1.dot. so, where it says "normal1.dot" in the highlighted area, change that to "normal.dotm" and run the macro again (press f5). this should fix it. i got another error msg when i did this the first time, but i just ran the macro again and it seemed to work. good luck


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