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WOB Migrated to win2k.

I had to switch servers to win2k and made a few small mods to the WOB. It's been pretty stable for quite some time now. If you want the latest source email me and I'll send it to you.


Posted by John M Hanna 2002-01-15

Wob in production

As of January we've moved the Wob into production. It's quite stable and I'm totally happy with it. I haven't uploaded the source lately, but it hasn't changed much. If you're interested, send me a note and I'll email you the production code.

Posted by John M Hanna 2001-03-12

WOB moves to Beta

Development on the Wob code is stablizing, and the code it produces has endured rigorous testing, so I'm declaring it a beta release. (And there was much applause!)

I'm continually amazed how quickly I can develop new material using this simple and effective tool. Combined with SpeedyCGI I believe it is a much better solution for me than PHP, and it is much much easier to install and develop for.... read more

Posted by John M Hanna 2000-06-20

Perl Web Objects ADE Public Release

I needed a web development platform to do the impossible. As a single developer I needed to rapidly assemble a large web application in a very short time. Furthermore I knew that I would be developing the programming while others would be commissioned to do the art design, and that they would need to be able to use the HTML & graphics packages with which they were already experienced, ie FrontPage and Dreamweaver. I needed to incorporate a flexible object architecture: I knew that the same components would need to reappear on different pages, at times with varying forms, but I'm not an OOP. What's more, like all web projects, I knew that this one would need to continue to evolve as our site matured and userbase increased. In summary I needed:
* a rapid prototyping and deployment tool
* with simple to create and use reusable objects
* objects need to be able to change according to their context
* the entire project will be need to be able to be edited in Frontpage, Dreamweaver or the like and preserve its structure
* the project needs to be based on portable, opensource tools
* it needs to be fast enough to support lots of users on economical hardware
* it needs to be able to preserve state and give simple program flow control to the CGI programmer... read more

Posted by John M Hanna 2000-06-02

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