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WMP Tag Support Extender / News: Recent posts

WMPTSE v1.2 is out

Since it seems to work well, the new WMPTSE 1.2

Posted by M@B 2007-01-04

WMPTSE 1.1 is out

Registering problem solved.
Should work with WMP11 as well

Posted by M@B 2006-08-30

WMPTSE 1.0.1 Released

Minor MPEG4 bug correction (with old iTune version)

Posted by M@B 2006-05-04

MPEG4 Meta Atom support debugged

The iTune 4.x bug has been removed in MPEG4TagSupport.dll.
Just erase the old one with the newest one in the "browse project files" list.

Posted by M@B 2006-04-19

WMPTSE 1.0 out !!

At last, the first stable release of WMP Tag Support Extender...Enjoy all the possibilities of WMP with the first debugged version.
FLAC, WavePack, MusePack, Vorbis OGG, Speex, APE Monkey, OptimFROG, AAC, iTunes files and MPEG4 audio tags readable in WMP !!!!

Posted by M@B 2006-04-02

WMPTSE Released

MPEG4 Read support and "refresh now !" button
This is a 1.0 candidate

Posted by M@B 2006-03-27

WMPTSE Released

Muti-tagged write support
New MPEG4 Support
Full source release !
(if you fork, please contact me and wait until the 23rd march to publish...thanks)

Posted by M@B 2006-02-12

WMPTSE Released

The old FLAC support is now totally repaired !!!

Posted by M@B 2006-02-05

WMPTSE Released

And FLAC Support is repaired !!!

Posted by M@B 2006-01-17

WMPTSE 0.9.8 Released

Debug & UI changes
COMPOSER tag support

Posted by M@B 2006-01-05

WMPTSE 0.9.6 Released

Vorbis bug resolved
ReleaseDate date format bug resolved

Posted by M@B 2005-11-22

WMPTSE 0.9.5 Released !

Windows Media Player 10 Plug-in to allow other tag support than default (APE, FLAC, Vorbis...), thus allowing inserting and editing of APE, MPC, WavPack, OptimFrog, FLAC and more in WMP.
Changes : debugging - Memory leak removed

Posted by M@B 2005-11-19

WMPTSE 0.9 Released !

- WavPack support
- OptimFROG support
- FLAC MetaData support
- Vorbis Comments support (READ-ONLY)
Now in WMP

Posted by M@B 2005-11-14

WMPTSE 0.7 Released !

- new architecture to allow easy add of tag support
+ robust APETag support
+ minor bugs corrections

Posted by M@B 2005-10-31

First Release

At least, the first release of this.
APETag support in WMP9+.
Enjoy MPC, OGG, and more with metadata in media library !!

Posted by M@B 2005-10-21