#22 WMP 11 + WMPTSE + Vista = Memory Leak


I have been meaning to add this bug for some time and have not gotten around to it untill now.

When i run the latest version of teh WMPTSE plugin (1.4) on my vista machine i am able to play and see flac metadata just fine. I do however notice that while the plugin is active i can see the memory that WMP11 takes up growing and growing. Infact as long as i have the plugin active WMP11 will continue to increase it's memory usage untill my wmp11 crashes and i have to force close WMP11.

MOre details:
If i clear out my collection information in wmp11 and then re-add my collection to WMP11 and then enable the wmptse plugin here is what happens:
1) hitting refresh now on the plugin prperties page causes my WMP11 memory usage to go from 22 megs or so to 65 megs +. I can see it go up using Windows task manager. WMP11 will finish the refresh and will then crash. I have to kill it using the end task function in windows task manager. When I start wmp11 again windows tells me that a plugin caused wmp11 to crash and it has disabled the plugin. My collection is then fully working with flac metadata showing. If i then enable the wmptse plugin again. I can slowly see my memory usage grow for WMP11. Not as fast as during the refresh now operation but it is consistent. The memory usage does not stop growing unless i stop the WMPTSE plugin.

If I disable the plugin then memory usage starts to go down again and stabilizes at about 29 megs.

As a workaround whenever i add new flacs to my collection i enable WMPTSE temporarily and have it "refresh now". Then i disable it right away.

it would be nice to be able to keep WMPTSE running all the time though.

Thanks for the great application.


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