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2.1.6 is released


* Load balancing support (copy index-lb.php over index.php, Zoltan)
* Complex plot (Arpad)
* Parametric plot (Arpad)
* Advertisement available on bottom-left (Zoltan)
* Hint for zooming in (Arpad)
* Button group usability enhance (Arpad)
* Warning before closing the page (Arpad)
* Application Programming Interface (API) (Arpad)
* Wekker is no longer needed for development (Arpad, Zoltan)
* Visitors statistics + munin plugin (Arpad, Zoltan)... read more

Posted by Zoltan Kovacs 2010-05-29

WMI 2.1.5 has been released

We humbly annouce WebMathematics Interactive 2.1.5 which offers the following new features:

* added Italian, German, French and Serbian translations
* database speedups
* easier installation
* Google Chrome support
* graphing bug fixes

Posted by Zoltan Kovacs 2009-07-06

WMI-2.1.1 has been released

The WMI2 Development Team is happy to announce the latest release of WebMathematics Interactive 2, version 2.1.1 which includes:

* small installable version (<2MB)
* full version with advertisement support and tutorial movies (60MB)
* localization for traditional and simplified Chinese, Czech, Slovak and Hungarian languages (using gettext)
* enhanced 3D plotting
* session logging
* many minor bug fixes... read more

Posted by Zoltan Kovacs 2008-02-12

WMI 2.1 (Christmas release) is here!

Posted by Zoltan Kovacs 2007-12-17

WMI 2.0.1 has been released

The WMI Developer Group is humbly announcing version 2.0.1 of WebMathematics Interactive.

Please go to http://matek.hu to try out the latest version (online demo).

For reporting bugs please visit http://wmi.sf.net/2/bugs.

To contact the developers you may use the following email: info@matek.hu.

Posted by Zoltan Kovacs 2007-10-08

WMI 1.0.2 has been released

The newest version of WebMathematics Interactive has been released. It is mainly a maintenance edition, however some new features are also added. Please refer to the INSTALL and NEWS files for more information.

Posted by Zoltan Kovacs 2006-07-26

WMI 1.0.1 is released

Finally! Version 1.0.1 is packaged and ready for download. Check it out now! ;-)

Posted by Zoltan Kovacs 2005-05-10

WMI-1.0.0pre5 is released

Dear Friends, 1.0.0pre5 is out. Making choices between computer algebra systems within the new blue skin is possible now. Some other features and fixes also added in this pre-release.

Posted by Zoltan Kovacs 2004-09-25

WebMathematics Interactive 1.0.0pre3 is released

Version 1.0.0pre3 of our leading mathematical e-Learning suite is released today. Many new features, including new thematic modules and items, many bug fixes, and a development version of our new "blue" web skin are also available in this most recent version.

Posted by Zoltan Kovacs 2004-04-29

WMI-1.0.0pre2 is released

The release of 1.0.0 became very close with this prerelease. However, we would like to add a brand new user interface to the WMI before 1.0.0. Check it out! :-)

Posted by Zoltan Kovacs 2004-02-20

WMI-1.0.0pre1 is released

Our leading mathematical eLearning web system, WebMathematics Interactive 1.0.0pre1 is released today. You are welcome to try the demonstration site on http://wmi.math.u-szeged.hu and visit the Developers' Page on http://wmi.sf.net.

Posted by Zoltan Kovacs 2004-01-16

WebMathematics Interactive version 0.11.0 is released

Our interactive web portal in mathematics, WebMathematics Interactive is now open for the public. You can download it from http://wmi.sf.net and/or try it on http:/wmi.math.u-szeged.hu. Your feedback is also welcome.

Posted by Zoltan Kovacs 2003-11-10

WebMathematics Interactive version 0.9 is packaged

WebMathematics Interactive, our PHP based computer aided learning engine has been packaged today. It has many new features, tests and an installation script written with autoconf. Volunteers are needed for translating texts into more languages and add new tests into our growing database. Please visit http://wmi.sf.net for details.

Posted by Zoltan Kovacs 2003-02-10

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