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First to-do list

The first what to-do in the game list is done. Check it at :

Posted by Nicolas Brack (Laerne) 2011-06-26

Project Creation

Wizard hazard has been created !
Of course, currently nobody knows the project, but I hope development will meet success.

Here's a summary on implementation : (For the game itself, see project description page)
* Scenery will be made of meta-balls. Meta-balls offer a smooth representation of ground and an easy ground mechanic computation (approximating meta-balls by a pondered set of points).
That meta-ball code could be inserted in an external library
* A HTree will should be used to render the meatballs fast. If too hard or inefficient, bound boxes around meta-objects should be used
* I'm still looking forward an algorithm between the set of magic character strings towards the set of spells. I believe spells will be multi-key entries in a map.... read more

Posted by Nicolas Brack (Laerne) 2011-04-11