#5 tutorial incorrectly assumes tools in PATH


I just installed the latest wix, and I have now a program shortcut to the documentation.

The Getting Started section of the tutorial (documentation ) says to invoke candle like so:

C:\test> candle product.wxs

That is really wrong, AFAICT.

1) I don't have any such directory, and the wix install didn't install any such directory.

2) Candle isn't in my path, so I think that wouldn't work even if I had such a directory. (At least, invoking a command shell and trying to invoke candle gives me a file not found error.)

3) There are only two installed shortcuts on the program menu, and neither seems to contain path information, and I do not seem to have any C:\Program Files\Wix subdirectory.

4) Looking in Control Panel/Add & Remove programs, I don't see wix listed.

I think the tutorial needs to explain to the newbie where to find candle.


  • elsapo

    elsapo - 2007-02-27

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    Oops, I meant to post this to the bugs list. Could you do me the favor of moving this to the bugs list?

  • Joannes Vermorel

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    Same problem for me; and I can't find the location of WiX either (installed with the Votive package).


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