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announce list

Most of the little infos are now going to the announce list. This includes recent gtk+2 work, the libglade2 port, the fileutils 4.1 merge.

Posted by Ben Martin 2001-05-22

New announce list (soon)

A new list has been made and should be online in 6-24 hours. It will contain announce msgs about major changes in the cvs witme version. This is mainly done as a handy tool for witme users to know when they should cvs -z3 up their witme :)

BTW witme now should compile against & require cvs gevas. enjoy.

Posted by Ben Martin 2001-04-30

Well I wonder

It seems that there are a few people visiting the witme site, I am wondering if anyone is actually using it?

Posted by Ben Martin 2001-03-30

witme2 now available

witme2 is now available. Its a complete rewrite.
check it out with
cvs -z3 co witme2

Posted by Ben Martin 2001-02-06


witme source is now in cvs.

Posted by Ben Martin 2001-01-18

First public pre-alpha

Just got it in before the new year... any bonobo hackers are welcome to help get this thing humming faster...

Posted by Ben Martin 2000-12-29

witme project is underway

witme is my current toy, I am currently playing
with evas & gtk and getting them to play nice,
There is now a forum created for some ppl to talk about some of the core design issues of a C++ fm.

Posted by Ben Martin 2000-12-07