Wired 0.2 announced

  • Pierre-Jean Leger


    It is my pleasure to announce that Wired 0.2 is just freezed.
    After months of work, here it is, at least...

    Changelog will be posted with the release, but  here is a good new for all users : binaries packages will be available, so installation problems should belongto the past...

    Rgds to all.

    Pierre-Jean Leger

    • osthankful

      osthankful - 2005-10-05

      This is Great News! I'm looking forward to seeing the progress and testing it out!

      Thanks for keeping all of us in the loop!

    • Pierre-Jean Leger


      Due to some major bugs, appeared with our major modifications, we are currently orking hard on fixing them. Unfortunatly, this is hy the release is coming so lately (in the very few days I promise !).

      To help those who are waiting, here are the major new features of this 0.2 :

      - Undo/Redo engine has been totally re-written, and so did actions.
      - Sesion File format has been changed to XML, even for plugins
      - Added support for codec plugins, with another API to let developpers implement new ones
      - Complete support of LADSPA plugins, and some DSSI instruments (work in progress). And very soon, through DSSI, VST && VSTi ...
      And also :
      - Many bug fixes
      - ...

      See you very soon for the release !
      Regards to all

    • Vincent Paeder

      Vincent Paeder - 2005-11-12

      sounds absolutely great. I must say I'm really amazed by your soft.

    • syncat

      syncat - 2005-12-06

      So what is about 0.2 version, can we test it yet?

    • Dusan Zatkovsky

      Dusan Zatkovsky - 2005-12-13

      Great work! We are waiting for new release!

    • Alexandre Prokoudine

      Do we still have to keep a separate unicode-disabled copy of wxGTK?

    • syncat

      syncat - 2006-01-20

      guys, please say something...

    • Paul Dorman

      Paul Dorman - 2006-01-31

      Open Source mantra (chant all together now)
      Release Early,
      Release Often,
      Release Early,
      Release Often,
      Release Early,
      Release Often,

      Com'on guys, get it out already. Wired looked full of potential, but now is looking like vapourware. If you don't release soon people are going to put their time into something else, like Ardour and Hydrogen.

      I for one don't care if you cripple 50% of it, just get it out so we can test it, and give you feedback, and contribute patches, and do all those other things that open source is all about.

    • tttenzin

      tttenzin - 2006-01-31

      just let them work....seams they make really good stuff with 0.2



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