#11 Help with Activex plugin


I know this isn't directly related to WinLIRC but I couldn't find anyplace else to ask this since there doesn't appear to be any sort of forum associated strictly with WinLIRC or the Visual Basic Activex control mentioned here: http://winlirc.sourceforge.net/activex.html. Basically I'm hoping that someone can tell me how I can get the data that has been received by the control when the DataReceived event is triggered. I am attempting to write a simple application that would run in the system tray alongside WinLIRC and would intercept the output from WinLIRC and output keystrokes to Windows (not specifically to any certain application, just global output if I can, that way it could control programs that don't have specific WinLIRC builtin without the hassle of trying to use Girder or HIP (which crashed constantly when I tried to use it). I am attempting to write the application in Visual Basic 2008 Express so I no longer have access to the old winsock commands without having to locate and install some kind of aftermarket control. Is there a way for the activex control to simply pass the data into a string that I could then process using several of the string parsing features available? Unfortunately the documentation on the web page that I linked to above only says that there are 2 methods and 2 events, I have already implemented support for both of those but am somewhat at a lose as to how to proceed with collecting the data from the activex control.

I can be reached at aeronyaarai@spammers die.aol.com (remove the 'spammers die.' before sending any messages), I appreciate any help you could provide on this matter, thank you.

Aeronya Arai


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