Can't work on Windows XP x64

  • mikets

    mikets - 2007-12-27


    I can't succeed to work on 64-bit WinXP - attach button just does nothing, even with your MemoryLeakExampleVB.exe or MemoryLeakExample.exe



    • migosh

      migosh - 2007-12-27

      Hi Mike,

      This tool was never tested on x64 system, and from what you're saying - it just doesn't work...

      I don't believe I can add x64 support in a short time, maybe I'll look at it later.


    • mikets

      mikets - 2007-12-27


      Thanks for the fast answer. Can I be of any help? I guess you don't want to pass the source code, do you?
      If you have some ideas what system calls I could check - I'll do this.


      • migosh

        migosh - 2007-12-27

        It would be great if you could help me with x64 support. You can see the source code (Code -> Browse), or you can download it in ZIP.

        So you can just send me the new files if you'll do any changes, and I will commit it to CVS. There's also an option to add you to the project as "developer" - so you'll have a direct access to the CVS repository, if you want. Let me know if you need any help with understanding the code.

        BTW, it's possible that all it takes is to compile the code on x64. Otherwise - I don't really know, need to start digging into it.


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