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WinLAMP 4.0 released; Full-size and Mini

Yes, it has been awhile. Here is WinLAMP 4.0.0. It comes in two flavors: Full-size and Mini. The full-size installs Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl, SQLYog, phpMyAdmin, and documentation. It is a 62MB download.

The mini version is 11MB and installs only Apache and PHP.

As of today, all versions of software are current, except that we're using the latest Apache 2.0 rather than Apache 2.2 because 2.2 doesn't play nicely with PHP yet.

Posted by Jared Daniel J. Smith 2006-06-22

PHP 5.0.1 included

While making the preceding improvements to WinLAMP3.1, we also updated PHP to 5.0.1, which was released a few days ago. So WinLAMP is at the moment 100 percent up-to-date.

Posted by Jared Daniel J. Smith 2004-08-16

WinLAMP 3.1 re-released as BINARY; now it works

WinLAMP 3.1 was not working because it had been uploaded as ASCII. It now works, having been uploaded as a BINARY file. Thanks for your patience!

Posted by Jared Daniel J. Smith 2004-08-15

WinLAMP 3.1 released

For some users, WinLAMP did not insert the ServerName into httpd.conf. This has been fixed (again). Some requested to be able to install Apache+PHP without MySQL. MySQL is now optional. A new Configuration Tips help page was added, to help people editing the various configuration files.

Posted by Jared Daniel J. Smith 2004-08-12

WinLAMP 3, with php5, apache2, mysql4 released

WinLAMP v.03, including the brand-new PHP5, and finally upgrading to Apache 2.0, with mysql 4.0 is released today. The installer also includes phpmyadmin, eskuel, mysql-front, sqlyog, perl, and other options.

Posted by Jared Daniel J. Smith 2004-07-21

New WinLAMP with Apache 2 & PHP5 is available

I have just finally gotten the first beta for WinLAMP3 working smoothly on my own machine. Now I need to spend some time testing and tweaking. You are welcome to download it and help!

It includes all the latest releases of Apache, PHP, and MySQL. I expect PHP to be pronounced stable around July 4, and within a day after that, WinLAMP3 will be pronounced stable.

This is the first version that "upgrades." I'll put the executable online over the weekend; it will be available for you by Monday, June 14 at the latest. ... read more

Posted by Jared Daniel J. Smith 2004-06-11

Hello world.

We're mostly gonna let Google send people here. Please let us know what we can do to make the WinLamp installer work for you.

Posted by Jared Daniel J. Smith 2003-05-12