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Wind 1.5

It's been years since the last release, but here is Wind 1.5.
- Support aspect ratio hints
- Support ICCCM's urgency hint
- Improve the smart window placement algorithm
- Allocate 12 desktops if no option is specified and no setting exists
- Improve fullscreen switching
- Change bug report address to
- Print name, version, and bug report address if -v is specified
- Remove the -h option
- Enable synchronous X11 mode if -v is specified
- Fix bugs in MWM hints code
- Fix _NET_WM_STATE bugs

Posted by J. Veenhuizen 2014-05-21

Wind 1.4

- Truncate long window names
- Remove _NET_WM_DESKTOP when a window is withdrawn [EWMH]

Posted by J. Veenhuizen 2011-01-19

Wind 1.3

This release fixes a bug concerning lost button-release events.

Posted by J. Veenhuizen 2010-10-25

Wind 1.2

Wind 1.2 is better at keeping related windows on the same desktop, and provides minor bugfixes and optimizations.

Posted by J. Veenhuizen 2010-10-17

Version 1.1

Wind 1.1 provides smart window placement, Alt-dragging, and a small number of bugfixes.

Posted by J. Veenhuizen 2010-09-17

Version 1.0

Wind 1.0 has been released.

Posted by J. Veenhuizen 2010-06-27

Version 0.2

Resizing is now flicker-free, and the annoying frame exposures when closing windows are fixed. “Dock” windows (like panels and taskbars) have most keyboard shortcuts disabled to avoid public confusion. Please note that the command-line syntax changed slightly.

Posted by J. Veenhuizen 2010-06-17

Version 0.1

Wind 0.1 is here. Please report any bugs to the bug tracker.

Posted by J. Veenhuizen 2010-06-15

Project Unix name changed

Please note that the URLs to the Wind homepage and git repository have changed.

Posted by J. Veenhuizen 2010-06-15

Git repository

The git repository is now in place, and a screenshot for the curious.

Posted by J. Veenhuizen 2010-06-08

Stay tuned

I have been working on a new window manager for some time and feel that I'm getting ready to make a first release. The new window manager, Wind (window daemon), is an attempt to fix the design mistakes of my previous window manager, Karmen.

I don't expect Karmen users to switch. Karmen will still be there, although development will not be very active. I will still monitor bug reports and apply suggested fixes.... read more

Posted by J. Veenhuizen 2010-06-08

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