Ugh, build environments

A lot of people are wondering when the next release is going to happen, or when certain bugs are going to be fixed (or maybe if we are even still here). To update everyone, we ran into a major snag, namely changing Windows API calls. A lot of the issues we are currently experiencing are mainly due to our now outdated build environment (QT 4.84/Mingw 4.4). The api's supported by this environment only cover us up to Windows XP.

We are currently looking at how to fix this, but there doesn't appear to be a quick solution. Moving to QT 5.2/MinGW 4.8 doesn't advance the API's we need to Windows 7/8. MinGW-W64 does, but may require a lot of hacking just to get a working build environment (which we will likely post online so others can continue to build/tinker).

We decided a long time ago (0.1 timeframe) to devote to using free, opensource build tools, as we can not predict the license restrictions or changes with Visual Studio (nor can we afford the costs for licensing VS).

Bear with us in this. We are making forward progress on the side. The installer is all but done, we have newly contributed translations (thanks to all who helped), and we have several fixes in place for some of the other issues.

Our goals have not changed:
* Make it simple
* Make it easy to understand and change the code
* Keep it free

Posted by Tobin Davis 2014-02-05

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