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"Ada Programming" wikibook gets a positive review

Ben Crowell, founder of The Assayer website, has reviewed "Ada Programming" wikibook. He finds that "Ada Programming" is 'one of the best products of Wikibooks so far' and 'a very nice, complete introduction to the Ada programming language'.

The Assayer is the web's largest catalog of free books, and also collects user-submitted reviews:

The "Ada Programming" review:

Posted by Manuel Gomez 2005-12-17

Wikibook Ada Programming won "Book of the month"


The Wikibook "Ada Programming" has won the "Book of the month for September 2005" contest.

"Ada Programming" had twice as many votes than the next contestant - including many votes from outside the programming community for which we are particular grateful.

Part of our success can be contributed to our download site hosted here at SourceForge - where our readers can download all example programs. Sure that all programs are tied and tested.... read more

Posted by Martin Krischik 2005-09-09